Dark clouds in Farmer is looking for a Woman

Rob and Sonja in the orchard. Photo: KRO-NCRV.

The atmosphere at the horse farmers in the television program Farmer seeks Wife seemed to change in Saturday’s episode. At show jumper breeder Hans de Roover, the remaining Annette and Dinie even saw dark clouds on the horizon from the kitchen window. Dressage horse breeder Rob still has communication problems.

The guest week is now well underway and Hans’s first potential fiancé was fired last week. That happened to Rob in this episode.

Learn to listen

Rob went with his ladies to cut branches at the fruit trees. The three lodgers appear increasingly explicit in addressing the versatile Rob. He can make music, grow fruit and breed horses, but his listening skills still need some work. They therefore intervene when the orchard session threatens to become a monologue again. “Do you have anything else you want to know Rob?” says Sonja. Rob changes tack and starts asking questions, he promises. Ask all three the same question because then he can compare the answers. His question: “What do you think are the pros and cons of being with me, here in this place?” Maybe that wasn’t what Sonja meant….


Wendy and Sonja have doubts. Wendy thinks it’s very funny that you “throw in for 10 cents and get out for 8.50” with Rob. But he does live far away. And maybe she shouldn’t expect to know within two days whether he is the Great Love. Yvon addresses her seriously about this. Sonja still thinks Rob is a “very nice guy” but would like “more jitters”. Rob takes the chance to warm up her hands. Silvia seems to be the only one who already has feelings. She thinks that Rob really sees her, despite the fact that he asks few questions. Moments later, Silvia is sent home. Rob does report that he will approach things differently from now on. To which Wendy says reassuringly that she will set her standard a little less high.


Hans is still talking about last week’s horse catch, in which the horse farmer communicated rather briefly, to the shock of his ladies. Hans explains that it was for safety, but Dinie is not used to it. She thinks he can be curt in other situations too. And although they realize that they are not going to change each other anymore and Dinie says that she does not want to offend Hans, the damage seems to have already been done.

Pony for the milk truck

At the feeding fence with the young horses, the fun returns slowly. This time, the cheeky animals are also well in their box, without having to use firm language. Nevertheless, Dinie is worrying a lot that night. And Annette has also been awake. They notice that it is a kind of pressure cooker, such a sleepover week. It’s really something different than just dating and getting to know each other. Dinie thinks she may not be ready yet. Farmer Hans looks anxiously at his booklet with photos from the 1960s, when the milk cans were transported on a cart with a black and white pony in front. Where is this going?

Tile wisdom

In the meantime, it was not all roses and moons with the other farmers either. In Friesland, farmer Jouke sent the “too spicy” Marion home, after which the remaining ladies held a competition to see who could eat a banana as quickly as possible. We don’t know what that was supposed to mean. Farmer Evert and his guest Maud gave birth to a bull calf, which evoked great feelings in the latter. And with sheep farmer Janine, the presumed favorite for the overall victory, Michiel, went home. To his surprise, the Frisian Sander was allowed to stay, perhaps partly thanks to his tile wisdom:

Love is the hardest puzzle of all, even if there are only two pieces, it has to fit.

We’ll turn on the clay oven, see you next week!

Source: Horses.nl

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