Camille, Pommelien Thijs and K3 win prizes at the Gala of the Golden K’s: “This prize will be next to my bed” | showbiz

showbizGirls in power at the ninth edition of the Gala of the Golden K’s. 16,000 Ketnetters and their parents saw in a packed Sportpaleis how Camille was proclaimed Artist of the Year and Pommelien Thijs as Actor of the Year. Coole Ket of the year is gymnast Nina Derwael and Song of the year goes to ‘Waterval’ by K3.

For the second year in a row, the categories are gender neutral at the Gala of the Golden K’s. But unlike at the Ensors, where the first gender-neutral film and television awards resulted in a men’s get-together, girl power dominates on this award show from children’s channel Ketnet. Camille has been voted ‘Artist of the Year’. Since the voting already dates from December, so before she participated in the wildly popular The Masked Singer as Miss Poes, the singer owes this award to her debut album Vuurwerk. The single of the same name even reached gold last year. “I really didn’t see this coming, but I’m going to work extra hard to release a lot of great music because I love my fans so much,” she says with tears in her eyes. She received the award from Lize Feryn and Aster Nzeyimana, who once again put themselves in the suit of the robots. “This Golden K is the icing on the cake of the hard work of the team and myself. We think carefully about everything. From music to performance to look. This prize will be next to my bed. When I wake up at night, I see that it is not a dream that I am experiencing.”


Pommelien Thijs, who, like Camille, released her first solo single in 2021 and was therefore also nominated as an artist, was allowed to take home the award for ‘Actor of the year’ for the third year in a row. “What an honour, I’m really proud of this. And I have good news: there are still some new acting assignments in the pipeline. But I can say something more about that.” #LikeMe also won prizes, but not as Ketnet series of the year. Due to corona, the recordings of the third season had to be postponed, so that the series could not be seen on the screen in 2021 and so ‘Girls’ won. But ‘Suprise #LikeMe’, in which the cast treats their biggest fans to a surprise, was rewarded with the title of Ketnet program of the year at the gala.


For the first time in five years, K3 was again nominated in the Song of the Year category. With ‘Ushuaia’ the girl group failed to cash in on that Golden K, but with Waterval it did. Much to the delight of Hanne, Marthe and newcomer Julia. Even if they couldn’t be there. ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’ was named Family Program of the Year by the Ketnetters and beats The Voice van Vlaanderen, Thuis and The Container Cup in this category. Koen Wauters and Ruth Beeckmans personally received the award. “Belgium’s Got Talent is really a program for young and old, so we are very happy with this prize. And there is still a lot of talent, so we hope for a new season.” In addition to the trophy from Dancing with the Stars, Nina Derwael can also put a Golden K for Cool Ket of the year in her closet. “What a beautiful award with those colours, it will certainly get a nice spot.”

YouTube hit of the year and TikTokster of the year went to Stien Edlund and Timon Verbeeck respectively. Outfit of the year was not for a woman, but for #LikeMe actor Francisco Schuster.


In addition, there were also many spectacular performances in the Sportpaleis. For example, Regi and Niels Destadsbader performed their hit song ‘The world turns for you’ and #LikeMe sang and danced the soul during ‘Morning Gymnastics’. The cast of the Ketnet Musical performed ‘You can do it’ together with Gloria Monserez. Metejoor and Emma Heesters provided a beautiful version of ‘Rendez-Vous’ and Camille closed the evening with her biggest hit ‘Fireworks’.

The gala was not only about the winners, but also about the farewell of Thomas Van Achteren and Sien Wynants. The two end their careers as Ketnet wrappers after eight and nine years respectively. The Gala of the Golden K’s was their last achievement as a wrapper. Thousands of Ketnetters said goodbye with deafening applause. The other Ketnet wrappers did not just let the farewell pass by. Sarah, Gloria and Sander put together a big surprise act. Together with some Ketnet friends such as Jean Janssens, Charlotte Leysen, Maureen Vanherberghen, Gio Kemper and Danira Boukhriss, they released their own version of De Vriendschapsband. It was a complete surprise for Thomas and Sien. We will see who will replace them from 1 May in ‘Who will be wrapper’ on Ketnet.


IN PICTURE. Aaron Blommaert as Batman and Lize Feryn as Wonder Woman on the pink carpet of The Gala of the Golden K’s

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