These are the 10 best and unmissable Amazon Prime Original movies

Two days ago, an article came along on FilmTotaal, which was about the best 10 original movies from Netflix (according to Reddit users). Now a similar list has appeared from another major streaming giant, namely Amazon Prime. The top 10 can be seen below!

10: Paterson
Adam Driver didn’t just score high in the Netflix film Marriage Storythe beloved actor was also featured in paterson† Driver plays the modest bus driver Paterson, who writes poems in his spare time and turns out to be incredibly talented. However, he does not realize this at all, but his wife (Golshifteh Farahani) fully believes in him and wants to help him.

9: The Report
Another movie with Driver. In the thriller (based largely on true stories), the actor takes on the role of Daniel J. Jones, an idealistic fellow who is tasked by his boss, Senator Dianne Feinstein, to investigate the aftermath of September 11, 2001. . The things he discovers are unthinkably hidden from the American public. The rest of the cast is also welcome, as other important roles are filled by Annette Bening and Jon Hamm, among others.

8: The Handmaiden
Director Chan-Wook Park unfortunately does not release films very often, but he should certainly do so more often. The filmmaker managed to score high with oldboybut some people think his last movie, The Handmaiden, even better! In the romantic thriller, a woman is hired as a maid for a wealthy Japanese heiress. Secretly, she becomes involved in a plan to rob the heiress.

7: The Big Sick
The well-known comedy with Kumail Nanjiani is about a comedian who is about to break through. The originally Pakistani prankster tells his life story in the autobiographical ‘feel-good drama’, with some minor adjustments here and there. He also plays himself. Kumail has a group of close friends around him with whom he not only lives but also performs. After a show he always has a claim in the pub. And so he meets the disarming Emily, which changes his life.

6: Uncle Frank
Perhaps one of the lesser known films in the list, but Uncle Frank is still in a very nice sixth place. The story is set in 1973, when Frank Bledsoe and his 18-year-old niece Beth go on a road trip from Manhattan to Creekville, South Carolina for the funeral of the family head. At the last minute, however, they are unexpectedly joined by Frank’s lover, Walid, which makes the journey very different.

5: The Lost City of Z
In James Gray’s film, we follow legendary adventurer Percy Fawcett on one of his journeys through the unexplored Amazon forest, remnants of an ancient, highly evolved civilization. On his return to England, however, his story is dismissed as nonsense and the idea of ​​the existence of a mythical city of El Dorado is ridiculed. Fawcett is determined to return to the jungle and find this mysterious city with the support of his wife and son. It turns out to be a perilous journey that grips the whole world. With leading roles for actors such as Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland, the film managed to do well.

4: Cold War
This film came out in 2018 and was very well received. The perfect love story follows two lovers who can’t live without, but also can’t live with each other. The film lasts less than an hour and a half, but it is certainly one that is ‘not to be missed’. On FilmTotaal itself got Cold War therefore no less than the maximum 5/5 star review, which can be read here.

3: You Were Never Really Here
A Joaquin Phoenix movie is always something to look forward to. In the film, the Oscar-winning actor plays traumatized war veteran Joe, who must rescue a missing teenage girl from a group of perverts. However, this goes much further than expected, and Joe decides to expose an entire network of men in important positions.

2: Manchester By The Sea
In Manchester By The Sea Casey Affleck stars as a Boston plumber who returns to his hometown after learning that his brother has died. This puts him in charge of his 16-year-old nephew and a tragedy from the past haunts him. Casey may have always been the “lesser known” of the two Affleck brothers, but in the movie, he puts on a stellar performance. The drama was very well received and Casey Affleck even took home an Oscar for best actor.

1: Beautiful Boy
Timothée Chalamet stood with The King already in the top 10 Netflix list, but here it is even at the top. In Beautiful Boy, by the Belgian Felix van Groeningen, the beloved actor plays the young Nic, son of David Sheff (Steve Carell). They are part of a family that has been dealing with addiction for years and they deal with issues of survival, kickback and recovery on a daily basis.

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