Panel The Only Real blown away: ‘Indistinguishable’

Kim Feenstra (36), Romy Monteiro (29), Jandino Asporaat (41) and Maik de Boer (61) have spent weeks training hard for ‘The Only Real’ to put down an act that normally only professionals take on. The panel consisting of Caroline Tensen (57), Edson de Graça (41) and Jamai Loman (35) is tasked with fishing out the celebrities after each performance. All performers wear the same mask. Will the panel be able to pick out the real Maik, Jandino, Romy or Kim?

Where their group members are skilled in dance, Kung Fu, drum and illusionism; will the celebrities out of their comfort zone must take steps to show the same qualities and, above all, not to stand out from the crowd. Each company performs with a special mask that is a copy of the face of the celebrity. Jandino and Kim compete in the first round, after which the audience chooses their favorite act. Then Maik and Romy show their acts, where a public favorite is also chosen. The losers will have to reveal themselves. In the end, the public decides in a final with the winners of the first round who is the best of the evening.

“I hope to be very critical, but I have already understood that there has been so much rehearsal and that they are really very good,” says panel member Caroline when presenter Nikkie de Jager asks her about her tactics. “That’s very clever, that they are indistinguishable from the people who do it every day.” Edson also thinks it will be difficult, although he knows Jandino quite well. “Jandino is quite muscular and I think he trains 26 hours a day. So if they are all very slim and suddenly there is one bonk, then I know very quickly.”

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It’s up to Jandino to kick off the evening, and he’s going all out. The comedian, who is ‘not sporty at all’, has to perform a Kung Fu act. And that takes a lot of practice. “I thought I wasn’t that flexible, and now I know for sure. (…) It’s just stiff”, he concludes after the first training. After the performance, the jury is completely speechless. “I just don’t know what to say,” Jamai says. “You are enjoying the fantastic act they have put down, very clever. But in the meantime you also have to discover who the one and only Jandino is.”

Kim, who, according to herself, is only a good dancer with a drink in the club, is given the assignment to learn and perform a choreography. “I’m someone who gets frustrated very quickly when I don’t succeed, but I always say: giving up is not an option for me,” said Kim. And the model doesn’t do that. Kim manages to put on a spectacular performance and blows the panel over. “I just don’t see it”, Caroline shouts in awe during the performance. “Not normal!”

The jury, the people in the room, are also impressed and vote her into the final. That means Jandino has to reveal himself first. Only Caroline and Edson can guess what mask he is hiding behind. “What was really hard was having to stand here and not laugh,” the joker said after his revelation.

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Maik has also trained hard in recent weeks, only with drums. And that promises something because the stylist declares that he is ‘definitely not musical’. But that’s not the biggest challenge for him: “What I’m most stressed about is just standing next to five straight men. I’m a bit of a flamboyant man with loose wrists,” he explains. “But Sylvester makes me look tough and manly there.”

Despite his previous concerns, Maik is doing well, but Romy – whose mother was an assistant at Hans Kazàn – also puts down a convincing act. “I think it’s very special to be able to do this today, because all my life I look at illusions and I think: how then?” she says in a video before her performance. Caroline can’t pick out the real Romy. “All five of them were so fast too, and you’re on top of it too…it really annoys me. Actually, I don’t like this at all.” Yet she knows how to guess correctly: the real Romy is in the purple suit. Unfortunately, the actress is out of the game. “What an adventure to be able to do this with super professionals. They are really, really very good girls. It is very difficult to do these acts at all. I have gained a lot of respect for the girls,” says Romy.

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Maik and Kim will compete in the final in the same discipline they showed before, only with one less person, so that the chance of unmasking is even greater. After the performance of the model, the panel members think they know which mask she is hiding behind: blue. According to Jamai, blue was less responsive to the group and she dropped a few stitches during the act. Edson especially noticed that the blue dancer took a ‘bellissima’ pose during the dance. Caroline also goes for blue. “I think Blue made a time error here and there and also just ended up too far sometimes, and also ended differently in the last pose,” she explains.

The panel is more divided on who the real Maik is after his second appearance. Jamai thinks he’s dressed in green because of the big hands. Caroline also goes for green, while Edson thinks it’s blue. In the end, it is up to Maik to reveal herself first, Kim is declared the winner of the evening by the public and may only reveal herself later. Only Edson has it right. “Of course I know those two so well on the left, I thought: oh help”, Maik says. “I like it so much that I misled you, because I was so afraid of Caroline and Jamai.”

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When it’s time for Kim to take off her mask, Caroline and Jamai choose blue, while Edson last minute switches to yellow. But Kim is indeed in the blue suit! “I am very happy”, she says afterwards. “I simply couldn’t have done it without the girls and without Oxygen. It was tough, but we enjoyed it!”

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