new season De Verraders kicks off with more than 1.1 million viewers

The new season of The Traitors has started on RTL 4. The program full of list and deceit kicked off April 1 with 1,155,000 viewers. After the successful first series and the Videoland season, expectations are high.

In the first episode, presenter Tijl Beckand pointed out the three traitors who try to ‘kill’ the faithful one by one. But will they be able to keep their big secret, er, a secret, or will they themselves be banned? The game has started. Without spoiling too much: viewers are already enjoying the ‘interesting, fun group of participants’ and already have their favorites.

Cops Maastricht

Still scores Cops Maastricht primetime on Friday evening best with 1,616,000 viewers on NPO 1. It was therefore the season slot. Viewers are quite divided about the final.


After a persistent throat infection, Jinek presented her talk show again on Friday evening. Still, with 659,000 viewers, she pales in comparison to her competitors from On 1, which was watched by 991,000 viewers. The discussion at the table about the meat tax caused a lot of attention.


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