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Lil Kleine realizes that he has lived in an ‘unhealthy’ and ‘wrong’ way. The rapper, who is suspected of an (attempted) serious assault on his girlfriend Jamie Vaes, makes this known today in a video on Instagram. He also expresses regret. “I have hurt and hurt a lot of people and that should never have happened.”

The 27-year-old Amsterdammer is still suspected of an (attempted) serious assault on his girlfriend Jamie Vaes in mid-February. Two weeks ago, the court decided to release him under conditions. It is not known what these conditions are.

It remained eerily quiet from Lil Kleine’s camp, but today the rapper decided to tell his story in a video on Instagram. Jorik Scholten, as his real name is, also states that he recorded the film on his own initiative. In this way I want to let it be known that I have been living in an unhealthy and wrong way for far too long, that I have done the wrong things as a person, that I have not been myself, that I have acted wrongly and that I have killed many people. hurt and hurt. That should never have happened,” Kleine begins his story.

Scholten says he sees ‘that what happened is wrong’ and has sought professional help in Thailand, where he is currently still working on himself. He realizes that it will be a ‘long road’, but he wants to go for it one hundred percent.

Lil Kleine also quotes his son Lío. “I realize that I have not been an example, not for my child as a father, but also not for the youth.” The rapper also says that he “misses everyone very much” and loves everyone. ,,I hope to see you soon.”

The management of Lil Kleine does not provide any further explanation about the video that the rapper has posted, a spokesperson said.


Lil Kleine was arrested last month. He is said to have jammed his fiancée’s head between a car door. After three nights in jail, the examining magistrate decided that his pre-trial detention was suspended. The Public Prosecution Service disagreed and appealed. This was followed by a session at the council chamber, which ruled that the rapper had to be detained for another fourteen days. He was released from prison two weeks ago.

As a result of the reports about the alleged abuse, several companies decided to stop working with him. His previous record company TopNotch no longer promotes his music and his new record company Sony Music canceled the collaboration.

Love sickness

Vaes first responded to the case surrounding her fiancé Lil ‘Kleine at the beginning of March. She said she was “very heartbroken.” She also denied the rumor that she would have “a plan” to make money from the rapper’s case. That’s nonsense, she said.

“I am a full-time mother who is suddenly on my own. I have a lot of heartbreak to deal with in an unreal situation. The last thing I’m doing is luring Jorik into a trap’, says Vaes. “There are no winners in this, only losers.”

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