Stella Bergsma found other participants De Verraders quite scary

Fans have been looking forward to it and being served: The traitors is back on RTL 4 tonight. The participants in the game program full of lies and betrayal are diverse and often outspoken. What about writer Stella Bergsma? Subway spoke to her.

Stella Bergsma is one of eighteen well-known Dutch people who compete for 40 kilos of silver. Many viewers of The Traitors from the first hour are looking forward to the second RTL 4 season (there was also a special one last autumn Video country-edition). Likewise with Subway† We saw the first episode that can be seen tonight, including with all participants and also program director Peter van der Vorst. He’s just a little proud The Traitors and the ratings success: „At a pitch it was still called The Betrayal of Marrakech and it took place in the desert. Then I didn’t see it yet. But with this version I was able to convince eight of my RTL colleagues by The Traitors to play in my backyard. Soon we couldn’t look at each other normally anymore…”

Triptych about The Traitors

This week a triptych on the way to the start with traitors and faithful. After Dionne Slagter and Stefano Keizers, Stella Bergsma is now speaking. On the way to South Limburg, we soon heard her shout that she was afraid not to know any other participant. How did she deal with them and the program?

How does The Traitors work again?

Do you know The Traitors not? A group of well-known Dutch people lives in a Limburg castle for a maximum of ten days. Some of the participants are traitors, who “kill” a faithful one every night. The faithful try to expose the traitors every day at a round table. Someone is always voted out, but that can (accidentally) also be your own faithful. The bet after a web full of lies, intrigue, psychological scheming and suspicions finally: that said kilo or forty kilos of silver.

Was it okay with your fear that you might hardly recognize anyone?

Stella Bergsma: „That was not so bad. I knew most people anyway. I don’t think three or four. It was a lot of fun actually, a bit of a school trip feeling.”

Book about cult, so pay attention

In the first episode, participants talk about your book and that they don’t want to get into it. How about that?

“I’m not much of a game show fan at all, but I thought ‘this is interesting’. The Traitors is about group psychology and group dynamics. I wanted to experience that and I could use it. I am writing a book about a cult. The other participants immediately thought I was going to write about them, but it’s not like that. They are not important enough at all, haha. I’m interested in how group dynamics work between people. Well, I really did find out and I can do everything with it for my book.”

Did you already know The Traitors?

“Yes, I knew the series with Holly Mae Brood and Samantha Steenwijk and I found the atmosphere interesting. I didn’t follow it from start to finish, but that atmosphere: exciting, mysterious. Very theatrical and with a lot of drama. I like drama. Other games are more sports day-like. That’s not my thing at all. When I was asked to do this, I immediately said ‘yes’.”

I don’t think I’m far off the mark when I say that you like to give your opinion whether asked or not?


‘I dreaded a test under the ground or in a tree’

Is that difficult in De Verraders because it is sometimes better not to say things?

“Yes. It is a good idea to keep a low profile, especially in the initial phase. Well, that’s not my forte. I hadn’t really thought about that. To be honest, I would have focused more on the tests, which is also a weak side. I thought ‘I can handle those people, that’s no problem’. I was too busy that I might have to go underground or in a tree or something. Then I’m a jerk, oh how I dreaded that. But yeah, I was a bit confused in the beginning. Those other participants are actually much scarier than such a test.”

The Traitors RTL 4 participants
All participants of The Traitors 2022. Photo: William Rutten

Some participants admitted to Metro that they left The Traitors completely devastated. How was that with you?

“Broken… no. I felt more weird or something. People you spoke to probably slept poorly, but I brought sleeping pills. I knew: you have to go in The Traitors sleep, otherwise it will not go well. I had taken that into account. During the screening, the psychologist said that she thought the sleeping pills were a very good idea.”

If you were sleeping deeply – if you were a faithful one – the traitors could have killed you at night without waking up…

“Haha, it’s not so bad after all. Those pills are just sleeping in for me. I’m a bad sleeper anyway. Well, I can sleep well, but when I do fall asleep I am grinding and thinking. I always think ‘how do I clear my head?’ However, I have ADHD, so clearing that head is never possible.”

Discovered a new TV side with De Verraders

Do you enjoy discovering new sides to television? You also seemed quite at the right place in Today Inside.

“I liked it so much there. Johan Derksen was doing fine. I saw him revive and he was having fun with it. But I think René van der Gijp is still a little afraid of me. He doesn’t have to be at all. René thought to me ‘what kind of strange woman is that?’ A lot of people think that, but you have to get used to me. It will be fine. I would like in Today Inside come back, because I think it’s one of the best talk shows.”

So you enjoy your face on the tube?

“Certainly. I also create a larger platform of people who might buy my books. And I a new side of myself. As a writer you can write everything down, but I really like to stir my mouth on TV in addition to writing. I like it and don’t think it’s scary. And yes, sorry, it is also well deserved. Better than being a writer, unless I’m writing a real bestseller, of course.”

Stella Bergsma concludes with a laugh: “That’s what I’m doing with the book about the sect, by the way.”

De Verraders can be seen every Friday at 8 p.m. on RTL 4 from tomorrow. on Video country can also look.

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