Our 5 TV tips for the coming days (from Sunday 3/4/2022)

Support of the St Matthew Passion

CONVERSATION • Journalist Nynke Sietsma lost her four-year-old son Berend at the end of 2020. The time of suffering is a significant time of the year for her. She grew up with the stories from the Bible, yet the Passion of Jesus only really came to her when Berend was in hospital. Listening to the Matthew Passion, she suddenly no longer felt so alone. She realized that many women have gone before her in mourning a child. It made her realize that there is comfort in images, stories and music.

The wonder, Sunday 3 April 2022, 08h28-08h59, NPO2

Life without anesthesia

DOCU • Jeppe, founder of a shelter for addicts, uses his shelter to inspire others to kick the habit and take charge of their own lives after overcoming drug dependence and a tyrannical cult leader. Inspired by Buddhism, he encourages the residents to do intensive self-examination and see both suffering and happiness as inseparable parts of life. Only by looking the lows in the eye can the highs be there, which means: appreciating your life with all its contradictions and multi-colouredness; here and now, without anesthesia.

The Buddhist Look, Sunday 3 April 2022, 15h26-16u27, NPO2

America’s largest rest home

DOCU • This documentary gives us a look at life in The Villages, America’s largest rest home in Florida. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Disneyland for retirees’, it is home to more than 130,000 seniors. It’s a utopian version of the America of yesteryear: wide, safe streets, perfectly manicured lawns and a lot of activities to spend the golden years as pleasantly as possible. We meet four residents who are somewhat on the margins of this society. In a sometimes sharp, but also soft and surreal way, this documentary shows that, despite our age, we always keep changing.

Some kind of heaven, Sunday 3 April 2022, Canvas, 22u05-23u25

The Wild Benefactor

DOCU • It is July 10, 2018, the day on which the great worries of Rino, who lives in Bavel, begin. He reads in the local newspaper that the municipality has other plans for the piece of land that he rents from them. Rino has set up Ariba day care on this piece of land. Here he accompanies slightly mentally handicapped boys. But Rino won’t just be chased out of his paradise by the paper tigers of the civil service. This starts a long fight between him and the municipality of Breda, even in court.

2Doc, Tuesday 5 April 2022, 11:20 PM – 11:48 PM, NPO2

And then the singer came…

MOVIE • Georgia, 1909. Poor, black and scorned, Celie is married off to Albert Johnson, an elderly man, who sees her as a slave and only takes advantage of her. So life isn’t easy for Celie, but she knows how to survive and needs little to make it through. Celie pours out her letters to her sister, but they are intercepted time and again by Albert. Then her husband’s mistress, a flamboyant blues singer, Shug Avery, enters her life. She gives Celie the courage to ask, to laugh, to play and ultimately, to love. Drama by Steven Spielberg, based on the novel by Alice Walker.

The color purple, Friday 8 April 2022, 22h35-1u05, a

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