Natalie from Love is Blind lashes out at Shayne after ‘lies’ in podcast

That Shayne (32) and Natalie (29) from ‘Love is Blind’ are not exactly on good terms with each other, was clear from the reunion episode of the show. It now appears that this has only gotten worse: after Shayne recently lashed out at Natalie in a podcast, she decided to set a few things right on her Instagram.

“I am very shocked by what he has said”

Natalie writes that she never thought she would have to respond to things publicly, but now she can’t do anything else. “If someone is outright lying in a podcast, I have to draw a line.”

In The Viall Files-podcast, Shayne talks very candidly about his relationship with Natalie. For example, he says that they have tried four times to make the relationship work, but that it is now really over after an argument that recently took place. “A number of things have happened in the past few days that made me realize that I’m just done with it right now.”

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According to Shayne, Natalie called him a “disgusting human being” because she still hasn’t gotten over the fact that he had contact with another contestant, Shaina, after the show. She would also have treated him so badly that he became frustrated in the relationship. Natalie, however, has nothing to do with the allegations and tries to refute the allegations in her Instagram post.

“I know about the podcast and I am very shocked by what he has said. There are some things I would like to clarify. Our conversations were never scripted like that: I never told Shayne what to say and we never planned what we would do in certain scenes,” she writes. ‘I sometimes had to set boundaries while filming, for example I sometimes asked him not to drink alcohol before serious scenes. I also asked him not to reveal intimate details about our sex life, out of respect for my family. I know he found this frustrating; this all led to our fight in Mexico.”

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Also, according to Natalie, it’s not true that she had to “run away” from a conversation with Shaina on the beach at the time, something Shayne did claim in the podcast. ‘I had a conversation with her, but it was not broadcast. Everyone from the cast was present, including Shayne.’ She admits she recently called him a “disgusting person,” but she says she had every reason to be. “He told me he would ‘bury’ me and take me with him because I didn’t want to try again with him.”

Natalie also explains that their relationship ended because she encountered flirty messages from Shayne with other women. “I couldn’t get over this and this is the main reason I can’t go back to him,” she writes. “This is something we’ve discussed several times over the past few months. So the fact that he hung out with Shaina during the show’s premiere is not the reason for our split.’

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She ends her post by correcting yet another ‘lie’, which is that they allegedly tried each other four times after the show. “We dated twice after our wedding, not four.”

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You can hear all of Shayne’s allegations in the video below.

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