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Glennis Grace was guided by her ‘primitive maternal instinct’ when she went to claim supermarket chain Jumbo after her son came home with a bloody face. The singer says this in a video on Friday, in which she returns to the fight that started in February. Grace was subsequently arrested. “I should have known better.”

Sitting on a – it seems – bed, 43-year-old Grace starts off in a video on Instagram. It is the first time after the fight in the supermarket that she makes herself heard at length. “First of all, I would like to offer my sincere apologies to everyone involved in this. Sorry. I’m an artist at heart, that’s something I’ve been doing since I was nine years old, making people happy with my voice and music and everything around it. That’s who I am.”

Grace says she wants to bring positivity with her music, but also from within herself. But instead of doing that, the singer got negative in the news. She was arrested and even spent several nights in a cell. Grace states that ‘things have really been taken out of context’, but then puts her hand into her own bosom. ,,I should have known better. I should have thought more carefully, counted to ten instead of being guided by my primitive maternal instinct.” That feeling came to her after her son came home with a bloody face, Grace explains. “The first thing that came to mind was the lioness I am to my child. With my impulsive behavior I started to get a story.”

A deep sigh. Then she continues with her apology. “It wasn’t good. My behavior was not good at that time.” However, the event ensured that Grace was “grounded on the ground.” She withdrew and consciously said nothing. “I’ve talked a lot, I’ve thought a lot. How I could have approached this differently and in any case maybe other things that play in my life. So yes, what I have learned from this is not to act from emotion.”

Grace says she would also like to pass that lesson on to her son. She says that she has had ‘the necessary conversations’ with him. ,,And I’m holding him very close at the moment and very tight. And I also have to take into account, like any mother, that you are dealing with a 15-year-old teenager.” Grace seems to be having a hard time and again heaves a deep sigh. ,,This is also the reason that I had not heard from me yet, because I now know how to react and that that is often perhaps a bit too impulsive. So at least I’ve learned that now. Thank you for your patience,” she concludes.


Glenda Batta, as Glennis Grace is really called, was arrested last month together with her 15-year-old son and a friend of the family in the Jumbo supermarket on the Westerstraat in Amsterdam. The son is said to have been violently kicked out of the store earlier in the evening after he took a drag on an e-cigarette inside, which falls under the smoking ban.

Glennis returned to the supermarket later in the evening with a group of acquaintances to address the employees involved. A fight ensued.


The three were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and premeditated assault. Glennis and her lawyer stated that she has not done anything criminal. She would have just pushed someone and tried to stop the fight in which she would not have participated.

The singer, her son and the boyfriend were released on Tuesday last week, but are still a suspect. They are not allowed to enter or near the Jumbo and have no contact with employees. Two more people were later arrested on suspicion of assaulting supermarket employees. Meanwhile, a complaint has also been filed against Glennis. She is suspected of public assault and mistreatment in association and with premeditation, the police reported earlier.

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