‘Disgusting images’ in new episode Temptation Island USA

Today episode 3 of the new season of Temptation Island USA appeared on Videoland. The thread was picked up in the middle of the first campfire for the gentlemen from the couples. And it was hard.

Edgar .’s Tears

For example, Edgar burst into tears at the fire, because his girlfriend Gillian spoke derogatoryly about the value of the ring she received from her boyfriend. Things are calmer with Lescalles, who is not shocked by images in which his girlfriend Ashley builds a good connection with one of the singles. “We allow each other to have feelings,” Lescalles explains to presenter and host Mark L. Walberg. “So I kind of expected that. It doesn’t bother me because we felt we were missing something. I think that’s because I’m stunting her growth in some way. I’m in her way. I want her to distance herself from our relationship, connect with someone else and see what she learns about herself. I am convinced that I have not done her any good.”

Hania is sorry

Tears do come to Hania’s eyes; although he himself has advocated an open relationship, images of his girlfriend Ash kissing single Taylor come in hard. “I don’t understand, I’m also a bit angry.. She says she’s done with it and is in bed with someone else. Our only rule was respect.” An open relationship is not for him. Hania soon notices. “I haven’t been clear to her about what I want and may have waited too long. It’s starting to dawn on me that an open relationship might not be what I want after all.”

Guilt despite lap dance images

A little later, the ladies are also allowed to sit down for a campfire moment, but their reactions are calmer. For example, Iris is not at all upset by images in which friend Luke gets a lap dance. She feels especially guilty because she gave Luke images that show her building a genuine emotional connection with someone else. “I think it hurts more than what I just saw,” says Iris. A little less pleased is Ashley, who hears friend Lascelles chatting about how he feels better on Temptation Island than at home on the couch with his girlfriend. “I have the feeling that he opens up to her instinctively, he has never done that to me in those seven years. We have never had deep conversations and that is something I missed. (…) I know there is love, but he has to show it more. At least I thought there was love…”

‘Disgusting images’

And finally Ash, who kissed Taylor herself, but was suddenly enraged by ‘disgusting images’ of a partying Hania. “This is typical Hania! I wish he had taken me more into account,” Ash grumbles, who therefore does not see an open relationship at all. “He has behaved disgustingly. I don’t feel wanted by him. But this is what I wanted to achieve here. I only get the answers I was looking for very quickly.” That doesn’t sound too good. Ultimately, Taylor is allowed to go back to bed with her that same evening, and spend the night there. “Taylor has been a real gentleman and keeps things very tidy. He’s chaotic, but he’s also very gentle and sweet,” Ash praises him. “I don’t know what’s going to happen and I’m not planning anything. I just hope we look into this further. (…) The relationship that will change the most because of this is with myself. I would like to love myself. I know I will come out of this strong and that will change my relationships.”

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