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Charly Luske is going to ‘work even harder on herself’. The musical star, who was accused of cheating in a Gossip video, said this in a statement today. Luske’s wife Tanja Jess confirmed the relationship problems yesterday. “The worst thing is that I have failed my family,” said the 43-year-old actor.

Luske’s wife Tanja saw the video of Roos and Schouten the day before yesterday, in which the gentlemen said, among other things, that Luske would cheat on his wife. A recording was also shared in which Luske could be heard sobbing: ‘I just spoke to Tanja. I’m really through man, this isn’t going to work out.’

Although the actress initially did not want to respond to the Gossip video, she decided to come up with a statement yesterday. In it she expressed her anger towards Jan Roos and Dennis Schouten, but confirmed that there are indeed relationship problems. For example, she wrote that Luske has been struggling with ‘problematic behaviour’ for some time and that they have had help to work on this for a long time. ‘But I also have to guard my limits and take good care of myself. In short, it is a quest that we have not yet completely resolved and which we would like to undertake within the privacy of our family,” she said.

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Charly Luske and partner Tanja Jess. © ANP Kippa

Work harder

Although it remained silent from Luske yesterday, he will still come up with a response today, in which he says he understands how ‘extremely disappointing’ the reporting about him must be. Then he goes through the dust. †I fucked up† And I am very sorry. I’ve been working on my issues for a long time, but unfortunately I’m not there yet…’

Luske resents himself that his behavior has ‘deprived his family so much’. He calls it terrible and states that he takes responsibility for it. “I’m going to work even harder on myself,” he promises.

Luske also expresses his appreciation for his wife. “I couldn’t have wished for a better partner than Tanja and I still love her dearly.” The musical star hopes that everyone will give their family respect and privacy.

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