Twitter breaks loose after breaking radio silence Lil Kleine: ‘What bullshit’

Lil Kleine has been making himself heard again for ages. And not just anything, it’s a real excuse video on Instagram. In it he says that he acted wrongly and that he hurt a lot of people. But the video will probably not have the effect that the 27-year-old rapper, nicknamed pauperkabouter, had in mind.

People are going crazy on social media.

People are tired of Lil Kleine after being arrested: ‘Time for a boycott?’

Lil Kleine says sorry

Lil Kleine, aka Jorik Scholten, tells in the video that he is in Thailand. There he seeks “professional help.” It is not clear from his text why this is simply not possible in the Netherlands. “I know it’s going to be a long road, but I’m going for it with full courage.” What kind of help it is, Lil Kleine does not say. Nor does he specify exactly what he regrets or who he has hurt. Does he regret assaulting his girlfriend, or regret that it came out? On social media, people think it’s mainly about the latter.

The rapper concludes with the announcement that he realizes that he “has not been the example that I want to be for my child, as a father, for the youth and all the people who listen to my music in the Netherlands”. The chamber of the court in Amsterdam decided two weeks ago that his pre-trial detention will be suspended subject to conditions and that he can therefore await the case in freedom.

The fuss all started last month. Then Lil Kleine was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend, Jaimie Vaes. Footage came out showing him pushing her head between the car door and slamming it shut a few times. He has been at large since March 15. Subway then wrote that he left the prison smiling. “I see that I have not been myself, that I have acted wrongly and that I have hurt and hurt many people. And that should never have happened,” he says now. Scholten would have previously assaulted his girlfriend Jaimie in Ibiza. And in February, he was convicted of another nightlife assault case.

Management not responding to mea culpa video

NAMAN, the management agency that represents Lil Kleine, does not provide any further explanation about the video that the rapper posted on Instagram yesterday. NAMAN still represents Lil Kleine. Earlier, the agency said it would reconsider the collaboration.

The management also does not want to clarify the question of what the “professional help” is that Jorik Scholten, as his real name is, is looking for in Thailand. It is also unclear whether his girlfriend Jaimie Vaes is with him and how long Lil Kleine would like to stay in Thailand.

The reactions on social media continue for a while. A small selection:

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Twitter breaks loose after breaking radio silence Lil Kleine: ‘What bullshit’

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