TV chef Sandra Ysbrandy: ‘After Expedition Robinson I was insatiable’ | Stories behind the news

How did you eat on the island?

“We ate very little on the island. Every morning and evening we ate white rice. The portion was the size of three or four clams. Or I made mini burgers from the flour and rice we got, with samphire, spring onions and herbs that we found on the island. We found no fruit or vegetables on the island and hardly caught any fish. And if we caught a small fish, we shared it with 8 people. After five weeks, the remaining expedition members had lost a lot of weight.

What have you done in preparation?

“In preparation for the program I fasted regularly, actually I only ate when I was hungry. Two weeks before the expedition I also stopped drinking coffee and alcohol so that my body didn’t have to kick the habit on the island. During the first week, a number of expedition members really had to give up sugar, cigarettes and alcohol.”

Are you satisfied with your weight?

“In the expedition I lost ten kilos in five weeks. But those kilos were just twice as hard after the trip, including some extra kilos. After the expedition, I could continue to eat, as if I had pressed a button that made me insatiable. I also told myself that I could enjoy it. I am now happy with my weight again.”

What are your eating habits?

“I have never counted calories. I find it much more important that my body receives real nutrition, which makes me feel fit and energetic. Everything I eat is as natural as possible, fresh, unprocessed and mostly vegetarian. Half of my meals consist of vegetables and I supplement that with grains, legumes, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, seeds, healthy fats and lots of fresh herbs. What I liked most about the expedition was that our food was all natural, with the exception of the flour and rice of course. However, it is not the case that I never sin at all. In the evening with tea I can occasionally enjoy cookies or a piece of chocolate, then I really don’t have any brakes and it doesn’t stop at one cookie.

Do you also exercise a lot?

„Sure, I go to the gym three times a week, where I do circuits and cross power do, a group class where your heart rate gets super high through a combination of cardio and strength training. On the weekends I go for a run or take the road bike. I also walk my dog ​​every morning.”

Did you have any eating habits left over from the expedition?

“No, the program was more a confirmation for me that how I eat, naturally and as little as possible from packages and bags, suits me best and that I get the most energy from it. I did learn on the island that you don’t need that many eating moments, while people often have the habit of eating all day long.”

Do you ever eat meat (substitutes)?

“I don’t eat meat anyway. I only eat fish every now and then. I really don’t need to eat meat substitutes. I don’t like the taste of meat substitutes and I’m not looking for food that resembles meat at all. I do eat animal products such as cheese, yogurt and eggs.”

How do you view smoking and drinking alcohol?

“I smoked in high school, but luckily I don’t anymore. I used to think smoking was also disgusting, but I did it because I thought it was cool. I like alcohol very much, after all I am a Burgundian. I don’t drink during the week, but I do drink on the weekends. Usually that is two glasses a day, so six in a whole weekend. I do notice that I am less able to tolerate alcohol now that I am older. I wake up more tired and with a headache if I drank the night before.”

What is your golden tip?

“Try to look at life with humor and positivity. And besides work, do something you enjoy, on your own or with your family. It’s really an important part of being comfortable in your own skin.”

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