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Showbytes worldwideShort updates from world stars on social media: we love it. In the international version of the Showbytes section, the show editors scour the web for the craziest, most beautiful and eye-catching posts from celebrities from all over the world. This article is updated throughout the day.

Will Smith didn’t just practice his right hand on the day of the Oscars. He also had time for an outfit video with his wife, whose name we are not mentioning for security reasons.

A short spicy haircut is not always bourgeois. Just look at the man on Snoop Dogg

Fans find concerts by Miley Cyrus always very exciting, but that’s mainly because of the dial on her disposable camera.

Lionel Richie after 38 years, is it pretty enough to keep ‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for† to sing. Fortunately, no one will lose him with his new shoes.

The apps of Instagram and OnlyFans are on the phone of Dua Lipa next to each other. Then you quickly share a snapshot of yourself with your hand in your pants in the wrong place.

‘s new make-up line Kendall Jenner is undoubtedly a rib from your body, but then you support a good cause. You can no longer call these patches a dress.

Emma Bunton may have been known to the Spice Girls as little Baby Spice, but tossing her off with a coffee table as a stage is a bit silly.

No matter how famous you are, proud parents will always write under your snaps that they love you from here to the moon. Just look at Mohamed, father of Bella Hadid

Mohamed is very proud of his daughter. © Instagram Bella Hadid

Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock sometimes has to pinch herself when standing in her spacious garden. Many others do that in their arm, but this is also possible.

Bindi Irwin, the daughter of intrepid crocodile hunter and animal lover Steve, clearly resembles her late father. In terms of animals, she takes a little less risk.

The local fair was exactly six centimeters short of Emily Ratajskowski’s favorite top fabric, but she won’t let that stop her.

People sometimes think that the biggest TikTok star in the world Charli D’Amelio (17), here for a cabinet of liquor that she is not allowed to buy herself for the first four years, really sells everything for money. That is of course nonsense.

Måneskin singer Damiano David is known for its slick appearance. His girlfriend knows why.

Speaking of bad jokes, Will Smith’s action wasn’t the only punch at the Oscars. Just look at Beyonce in her see-through dress.

Kanye West’s new girlfriend, who herself thinks she is not at all like his ex Kim Kardashian, is having a good week. The rapper has Chaney Jones an extremely rare Birkin bag from Hermès worth almost 250,000 euros. For that money he wanted to watch her unpacking via FaceTime, according to Page Six† Fortunately, according to the delivery person, she was ‘genuinely happy’.

The Birkin Bag.
The Birkin Bag. © Private Porter

Katy Perry has a teaching moment in her leather pants.

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