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showbiz“A visit to the toilet, cake and a glass of cava.” With those ingredients, Peter Van de Veire (50) said goodbye to MNM today after thirteen years – and thousands of morning shows. What his future looks like is one big question mark for the time being, although retirement is not an option (yet). “Let me work for a little while longer. Flat rest is still possible in about 50 years.”

“When MNM started in 2009, I set out to do this for just ten years. With the departure of Julie (Van den Steen, ed.) in 2019, I was asked by VRT to stay a little longer. Which I did, but you can’t keep prolonging such a goodbye forever.” And so Peter Van de Veire (50) closed the door of the MNM studios behind him today. Like a satisfied man, proud of the many hours of radio he has made.

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However, he has no wild plans to celebrate that final moment. “After every broadcast, I first go to the toilet. If you have made radio for three hours at a time, that is no superfluous luxury,” it sounds. “On Thursday I was also told that I had to hang around for a while afterwards. I suspect there will be cake and cava to celebrate radio and life”, laughs Van de Veire. “Although I can’t stick around for too long anyway. This weekend there will be ‘The Great Peter Van de Veire Sportpaleis Show’, a blast with which the public broadcaster would like to thank all listeners for their support. I suspect that I will survive the next few days mainly on adrenaline, and will only fully realize everything on Monday.”

No successor

For the next two weeks, DJ Evelyn De Backer will provide the music during the morning block. “She always does that during the holiday periods,” explains Van de Veire. “The new morning show will start on April 19. I’m not going to reveal who will be presenting it, but I do want to emphasize that she, he or the 17 others are not following me. It will be a new program, with its own identity. Van de Veire is for the MNM history books. (laughs)” Although the uncrowned king of morning radio could not just hand over his ‘baby’. “I had resolved not to interfere with the future. That was a complete failure, and I have shared my vision with colleagues”, it sounds. “Whether I’m going to listen to that first broadcast myself? Unaware. My son Lex has to go to school, and my wife has already told me to help. I’ll probably be too busy with that whole rush to listen consciously. MNM should therefore not expect an email with comments afterwards. (laughs) I’m not worried: something new is coming, and people are going to like it.”

Van de Veire remains vague about his own plans for the future. “To put it in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger: I’ll be back”, laughs Van de Veire. “My contract with VRT and SBS runs until August 2022 anyway, so I’m working hard on a plan. I would prefer to continue making radio, although it is not a must. At the moment I mainly want to spend more time with my family, but I don’t want to stop working, flat rest is still possible in about 50 years.”


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