AT5’s birthday: 30 years of Amsterdam news, humor, sadness and journalistic talent

Some have a hard time turning 30 years old. Are you old yet? Are you still young? AT5 not: every day is new, there is news every day, so we have to keep going. Yet for the people of Amsterdam we will be thinking about our anniversary in the near future. On TV, on the site and on social media.


The AT5 archive has been working overtime lately. There is so much historical, witty, intense, recognizable and pure Amsterdam image material to be found that we can fill our site, the TV channel and social media for a year without any problems. And we honestly think that many Amsterdammers would still love it.

AT5 has never left the city without the latest news in the past 30 years, so of course we won’t. And news is also only relative, we notice when compiling our first broadcast from that beautiful archive (on TV tonight at 7:19 p.m.). Presenter Yvette Forster reports in the weather forecast on April 1, 1992 that it will be ‘foggy and cold’, around 2 degrees. You can broadcast it again today.

Amsterdam and the world look very little like those of 1992. Not only because a call to call the AT5 tip line showed a man who threw a quarter into a telephone with a rotary dial on the wall; we don’t even have a daily newscast with presenter anymore. However, not everything was just better in the past. In 2022, we will also distribute our videos and stories from the city online and on social media. With this we reach an unprecedented number of Amsterdammers, and we are very proud of that.

We are also proud that we are still the leading news channel in Amsterdam. Breeding pond, serious playground and training ground for a series of journalists and presenters who now work in the national media; place for Amsterdam humor and Amsterdam sadness; and above all the daily supplier of beautiful and important Amsterdam stories.

In the coming months (our birthday will last until April 2023 as far as we are concerned) we will look back in all kinds of ways. Today we kick off online with a report with legendary entertainment reporter Frank Awick. It is the first episode in a short series.

Every week on Monday at 7:19 pm, we draw from our archive on TV with a program or a combination of programs that we think are highlights. Because it is April 1, we will start tonight with the first episode, which, as said, includes the first news broadcast, the quiz Top of Noose and – recommended! – Dries Roelvink who hopes to break through. Several repeats will follow in the course of the week, the second broadcast will be on Monday 11 April, and we will do this all year round.

Also keep an eye on our Instagram channel. As of today, a top 30 of hilarious highlights will appear daily, which can also be found on social media viral went. We will eventually also put the fragments on the site for later review.

AT5 is 30 years young. Former reporter Frank Awick says in today’s item after a question from our reporter if he is feeling a little old yet: ‘Yes, I am already 56. I am already approaching 60, I hope AT5 lasts the 60 years.’

You know what, dear Frank? We’ll do that.

Altan Erdogan, Editor-in-Chief AT5

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