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TVChris Rock (57) performed on Wednesday for the first time since last Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, where he was punched by actor Will Smith. The comedian received a standing ovation from visitors to his comedy show in Boston. Also, according to TickPick, one of the largest ticket sellers in the US, more tickets were sold for Rock’s show after the Oscar incident than in the entire month before. Unfortunately, Chris Rock’s new show cannot be seen with us yet. As a result, we went looking for six more than worthy alternatives that you can already check out this weekend.

1. Chris Rock – ‘Total Blackout: The Tamborine Extended Cut’ (2018) – Netflix

In this extra-long version of his 2018 comedy special, Chris Rock takes a sharp look at fatherhood, infidelity and American politics. The 57-year-old comedian was hit by Will Smith (53) during the Oscars earlier this week. He himself is “still recovering from what has happened”, but the effect on his current comedy shows appears to be positive.

Watch ‘Chris Rock – ‘Total Blackout: The Tamborine Extended Cut’ on Netflix now.

2. Alex Agnew – Unfinished Business (2016) – Streamz

After twelve years of non-stop touring as a comedian, Alex Agnew decided in 2013 to take a sabbatical to tour with his hard rock band Diablo Blvd. After a three-year hiatus, Agnew returned in 2016 as ‘The King of Comedy’ with a brand new show, appropriately titled, ‘Unfinished Business’.

Watch ‘Alex Agnew – Unfinished Business’ now on Streamz

3. ‘Comedy Club’ (2021) – Prime Video

In ‘Comedy Club’ comedians Arjen Lubach, Guido Weijers, Ronald Goedemondt, Henry van Loon, Jandino and Roué Verveer share their most humorous, wacky and funny view on people and society from their favorite theaters in the Netherlands. The first season of the series has six episodes. Each episode features a different comedian. In episode one it’s Arjen Lubach’s turn. From the city theater of Groningen, the comedian tells about a mysterious accident. He also answers the following question: what do Dutch columnist Sywert van Lienden and a Romanian dog owner have in common?

Watch ‘Comedy Club’ on Prime Video now.

4. Xander De Rycke – Rested & Immune (2021) – Streamz

In his stand-up show ‘Equipped & Immune’, Xander De Rycke bundles all his adventures and thoughts about the lockdowns that our country has known. “The show that shouldn’t have existed, in a year that should have looked completely different,” says De Rycke. The show, recorded in the OLT Rivierenhof in Antwerp, can now be seen exclusively on Streamz. In the past, ‘Equipped & Immune’ has also been shown live a few times. In the summer of 2020, the show was successfully played at Rock Werchter’s summer bar.

Watch ‘Xander De Rycke – Equipped & Immune’ now on Streamz

5. ‘Kevin Hart – Irresponsible’ (2019) – Netflix

Father of four and married twice. The American Kevin Hart shows that it is not easy being him. His special ‘Irresponsible’ is inspired by his own missteps. Hart is also not an unknown name in the world. In the past, the comedian has already been nominated for several awards. In 2005, for example, he had a chance to win the Platinum Mic Viewers Choice Award at the BET Comedy Awards. For his role in the film ‘Laugh at My Pain’ (2011) he won the prize for best actor at the BET Awards.

Watch ‘Kevin Hart – Irresponsible’ now on Netflix.

6. ‘Jimmy O. Yang – Good Deal’ (2020) – Prime Video

In his debut special ‘Good Deal’ Jimmy O. Yang tells you all about his take on Asian representation, how he learned to speak English through rap videos, dating tall women and how he disappointed his traditional Chinese parents by chasing his dreams. Jimmy O. Yang is a Hong Kong-born American actor, stand-up comedian and writer. As an actor, he is best known for his starring role as Jian-Yang in the HBO comedy series ‘Silicon Valley’. He also played the role of Dr. Chan Kaifang in the Netflix comedy series ‘Space Force’ and played the character Josh Lin in the Netflix romantic comedy ‘Love Hard’.

Watch ‘Jimmy O. Yang – Good Deal’ now on Prime Video.


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