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Sydney Sweeney (24), who since her role in the hit series Euphoria Known as one of the most promising young actresses, her grandparents had a special reaction to her work. The American had forgotten that she had shot very spicy sex scenes when she decided to watch a new episode with the whole family on a ‘huge screen’.

“You invited… your grandparents,” Ellen DeGeneres repeated this week in disbelief on her talk show. The “extremely explicit” second season of the beloved series has so much sex, naked bodies and raw violence that the reviewer of The Guardian almost dizzy.

But Sydney Sweeney really said it. ,,For the premiere I invited my whole family, my grandparents, my uncle… I thought: it’s a Hollywood premiere, you should all come!” And so the family sat comfortably next to each other. ,,For a huge screen,” said Sydney. “A huge screen.”

Sydney, also known from the Netflix series Everything sucks!, was said to have been ‘floored’ once the family looked. That was really her own fault, said a still astonished Ellen. “What was on your mind when you invited your grandparents?” she said. ,,I didn’t think, I was so happy!” said Sydney.

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Sydney Sweeney. © BrunoPress/Wenn

Fortunately, her grandparents were able to appreciate the nude scenes. “They said I have the best tits in Hollywood,” said Sydney. ,,Wow,” laughed Ellen, who asked if they really said that. Sydney’s grandmother appeared to be in the audience and confirmed the story with a raised thumbs. “Okay then,” Ellen accepted. “Grandma approves.”

Nude is part of it

Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard in the series, has no problem with the nude scenes. After all, people are sometimes naked in real life and her character also uses her body to “communicate”, she said earlier. If it says in the script that the actress has to be naked and she doesn’t think it’s necessary for the scene, the makers listen and it doesn’t happen, according to Sydney.

At the same time, she finds it annoying that “no one is talking” about her acting in the series just because she took her clothes off. “If a man does a sex scene or shows his body, he still wins awards and gets praise. But when a woman does it, it’s completely different.”

Euphoria, which tells about the 17-year-old drug addict girl Rue (a role by Zendaya Coleman), can be viewed in the Netherlands on HBO Max. Zendaya (25) became the youngest actress ever to win an Emmy for best female lead in 2020 with Euphoria† The series is also getting a third season.

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