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Tanja Jess (55) is furious at the juice channel Gossip talk, which is presented by Jan Roos and Dennis Schouten. Yesterday, the men announced in a YouTube episode that Tanja’s husband and musical star Charly Luske (43) would be cheating and they stated that the marriage between the two would have ended. The actress admits to having relationship problems, but wants to solve this within the privacy of her family. ‘It is a quest that we have not yet completely resolved’, she writes, among other things.

Yesterday Jess saw the video of Roos and Schouten, in which the gentlemen tell, among other things, that Luske would cheat on his wife. A recording was also shared in which Luske could be heard sobbing: ‘I just spoke to Tanja. I’m really through man, this isn’t going to work out.’

Although the actress initially did not want to respond to the Gossip video, she has decided today to come up with a statement. “Because other media are using it, I feel like I have to do something with it,” explains Jess, after which she says she was shocked after seeing the video. ‘These ‘people’ really don’t shrink from anything. Blatantly guilty of misogyny, racism, sexism, ageism, etc… They seem to have given up completely and fill their pockets about ‘corpses’ through the deepest dark recesses of their souls’, Jess expresses her anger. She therefore warns her readers not to provide content to ‘this type of channel’: ‘Be warned.’

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Then Jess elaborates on the allegations against her husband. She states that Luske has been struggling with the problem for some time, needs confirmation and therefore cannot resist certain temptations or sometimes looks for it herself. ‘We have been together for over 21 years, so I am aware of Charly’s extremely unsafe childhood and know his demons and issues. We have also had help for a long time to deal with this as individuals, in the relationship but also with regard to our family.’ According to Jess, this is a lengthy process, in which you have to ‘re-evaluate where you stand and how you are going to continue’.

She continues: ‘If you love someone, you don’t just drop them, even if they are damaged and/or sick’. In addition, the two share a long history and have two children together, which means that they always stay connected, according to Jess. “But I also have to guard my limits and take good care of myself,” the blonde continues. ‘It is a quest that we have not yet completely resolved and which we would like to undertake within the privacy of our family.’ Jess keeps it in the middle whether she and Luske actually break up.

The actress says “maybe to share more” about the situation in the future. “But for now, I hope our wish is respected,” she concludes.

Famke Louise

It is the third time in a short time that Roos and Schouten have incurred the anger of people who are mentioned in their videos. Two weeks ago they lost the summary proceedings that Famke Louise had brought against the men. The singer demanded that a YouTube broadcast of their juice channel Gossip Talk be taken offline because Roos and Schouten wrongly suggested that the singer had been abused by her former manager Ali B. They also shared a never released song by the singer.

In February, Carlo Boszhard also filed a report against Gossip talk, after Roos and Schouten claimed in an episode that the RTL presenter had ‘handed down’ a well-known male colleague.

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