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The weirdest stories

“In exceptional cases, we can see the face of the more than cute Brooklyn, Kim Feenstra’s son. The male is together with his mother in the baby special of ‘&C’s Oh Baby!, of course also with an interview, in which Kim states: ‘You hear the strangest stories about pedophiles and child kidnappers, that through social media they know exactly where the child is who is they’ve got it.’


I’ll hit on that then. I never hear those stories and yet I am fairly on top of the news. A little online search leads me to a story from 2020. A 7-year-old Russian boy was kidnapped by a pedophile. Then in 2019 another 12-year-old girl in Serbia. And I come across a story from 2021 about a child molester who took two children aged 4 and 6 in Belgium, but that is the neighbor; I assume he was targeting the kids without social media.

Not truthful

So you hear the weirdest stories, but they don’t seem completely truthful to me for the time being. Children are not picked off the street by the bunch because a child molester managed to find them using Instagram. And certainly, in 2018 221 children were kidnapped in the Netherlands. But in 74% of the cases, the mother was the perpetrator. So we cannot draw any shocking conclusions from this.

Much more realistic

I was once such a mother who warned her child about scary men who trap children with candies or puppies and then starve them in underground cellars. Until someone told me to act normal: ‘How often do you hear about this happening? Rather point out to your child the dangers of crossing the road without looking. Or walking on ice after it just froze for a day – dangers that are a lot more realistic.’

Pissed off

Honestly? I think it’s a bit of delusions of grandeur, that panicky stuff with those children’s faces. Interesting business. “Look at me protecting my child from all evil.” But where does that evil come from? From someone who thinks on the street: ‘Hey, there’s the baby of a celebrity?’ They’ll probably see that anyway, because I assume that that celebrity pushes the pram.

full glory

Dreetje, owned by Monique and André, is also ‘loved social media’ from time to time. A whole series of photos passes by in which the face is shielded with a smiley, sunglasses or a heart. And then a week later all good intentions are forgotten and we see the little guy again in all his glory. It is almost impossible to draw much more attention to something.

Participate in decisions

Most of all, I understand that you don’t show your child on social media, because he or she cannot yet participate in the decision-making process. At the same time: you also decide everything about the rest of your child’s life. Or let your toddler help decide on your impending move or ask your baby every morning what outfit he or she would like to wear to daycare (assuming your child has agreed to that form of care, of course).


Everyone has their own choice and with all due respect – do what you can’t resist online. But don’t make it an exciting story with fictional kidnappings by pedophiles, because that makes no sense. The real reason behind hiding your child in most cases is no more and no less than to make people curious. And that works, because now that we can finally see Brooklyn, we really all get a look at him.

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