Queen Máxima gives a very personal speech

In June 2018, Máxima lost her sister Inèz to suicide. Since that time, she has been increasingly committed to the mental health of young people. This morning, for example, she launched the MIND Us foundation in Rotterdam, of which she also immediately became honorary president.

One in seven young people suffers from depressive thoughts and one in three experiences pressure to perform. 75% of psychological complaints arise before the age of 25. MIND Us wants young people to get a grip on their mental health, develop resilience and know how to find help when needed. MIND Us was founded with the support of MIND.

During the launch, the Queen gave a very personal speech. †My own motivation to participate is very personal. It has to do with my search after the death of my sister Inés, four years ago in June. When she died, she was 33 years old… Then you are flooded with a lot of feelings. Sadness, loss, powerlessness. That it had come this far and you couldn’t help her. But we weren’t sure how… it was hard to talk about it. Her death stirred up a lot of feelings. And again and again the question: could we have done more? I soon realized that I was not alone. I heard from a lot of people that they had gone through the same thing with a family member or a friend. How can you really help someone with mental problems? Many people struggle with that. I then went into more detail about this. And I have paid many working visits to organizations that are working on this. MIND was a great support and partner. Thank you very much. In Amersfoort I met young people from the MIND Young Academy. At Maris College Kijkduin I talked to secondary school students about their mental resilience. I was in Amsterdam to hear more about mental health in the neighbourhood. I had digital meetings on Blue Monday and during Performance Pressure Week. I participated in a reflection session on the two faces of social media. And I spoke to students about their stress and insecurity at the Time Out Café in Delft. I really learned a lot from all those conversations with young people, but also with scientists, psychologists and doctors. In the first place: the vast majority of psychological problems arise at a young age. Three quarters arise before the age of 25. Half even before the age of 15! In the second place: acting quickly is very important. The sooner signals are picked up, the greater the chance that young people will regain their mental resilience before the problems become too great. Third, in order to act quickly, we need to get rid of mental health problems. We really need to talk about it. It is important to share those feelings. With peers, parents, or other trusted people. It is necessary that young people dare to look at themselves honestly and also help each other to find the balance again. Many young people tell me that they feel like they are in a pressure cooker. Everything should be fun, everything should be a success. For fear of missing out, they rush past themselves. But also the lesser moments are part of life. A gloomy day is also okay and if you don’t perform for a day, that’s enough too. There are already many good initiatives to strengthen the mental resilience of young people. The purpose of MIND Us is not to reinvent the wheel. We want to discover what works, together with the young people themselves.”

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Outfit: Brown midi dress with high center split and puff sleeves
Designer: Zeus + Dione
Previously worn: No
Shoes: Stella McCartney golden heel boots
Jewellery: earrings made of diamond and citrine, which have been in Máxima’s jewelery box for about 15 years

The bodice consists of vertical strips that are attached to each other until just over the bust. This creates a playful game of lines.

Máxima has slightly adjusted her dress. In the original design, the middle strips form a split.


Boots from Stella McCartney:

Image result for stella site:www.modekoninginmaxima.nl

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