Huge plot twist disappoints Robinson-All Stars: ‘Really not normal’

The former finalists have so far shown in ‘Expedition Robinson: All Stars’ that they are all loyal team players – except for a few. But it’s time to reshuffle the cards and it remains uncertain whether the agreements made after the amalgamation are still valid…

Attention: This article contains spoilers about the sixth episode of Expedition Robinson: All Stars.

“Our master plan has been very clear from the start: Carlos has to get out”

The All Stars are seasoned expedition members, but ten days on a desert island – despite their experience – remains a huge ordeal this time too. But the end is slowly in sight: the merger is imminent and they are really looking forward to that in Kamp Zuid. “Whether you like someone or not, whether you have a bond or not, at such a table you just get together for one night. And that is such a special feeling,” says an exuberant Carlos. “It just makes me very happy.”

The people in Kamp Noord are also ecstatic that they will not return to ‘their’ island. But before that happens, a fierce battle must first be fought. “I’m actually quite nervous about it, because I think it’s going to be a tough test,” Mariana looks ahead. “Anything can happen, because this is just a completely different version: the All Stars version.”

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And she turns out to be right: the road to the final is full of obstacles and the test (which they play individually) is a good example of this. For example, the candidates have to swim, climb, slide and dig. The women and men compete separately. The two remaining winners will eventually compete for a place on Winners Island and immunity. The two losers must also duel against each other. Whoever loses that will go home immediately.

Bertie, who gives up voluntarily, and Ferry are the slowest and must therefore compete against each other for a place in the survival show. It is Ferry who can stay at least one more day. “That’s a great feeling,” the actor says enthusiastically afterwards. That automatically means Bertie has to pack her things. “I now have the other side of Expedition “I spent 28 days on an island last time, of course, without fighting and games. (…) I really, really had a great time. But I did find out for myself that I really function better on my own.”

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Dominique wins the test on behalf of the women. “I didn’t see it coming, but I got it,” she says excitedly. She takes on Niels, who is driven to win. During his first season, he also had to play the duel game; he then lost to Carlos. This time he manages to last the longest and that is why he is allowed to go to Winners Island. But Dominique is not too sad: she also gets a nice meal during dinner, on a new island. Or so she thinks… Nothing is as it seems this season and the fusion dinner will be served on Winners Island this series. And there is only room for three people. It’s up to Niels to decide who to take with him. He decides to take Sebastian and Rita with him, while the rest leave for their new island – without food. “This is a milestone where you forget all bonds. Everyone likes each other, you sit comfortably at the table, have conversations about home, about anything and everything except the Expedition† And that’s just… wiped away. Really not normal,” said a crestfallen Carlos.

That’s not the only downer; the group also has to go to the island council that evening. All candidates now have six votes that they can use until the semi-finals. Niels is the only one with immunity and is therefore safe, but also thinks of his teammates. He’s brought Rita along so she can’t discuss with Carlos and Edith who to vote for that night. Smart according to Sebastiaan, who thinks Carlos should go. That is also the plan of the stragglers. “Our master plan has been very clear from the start: Carlos has to get out, just have to get out. A strong opponent and a danger for the men in our group. Unfortunately boy,” said Mariana.

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Carlos himself already knows how the evening will end and therefore uses all six votes. Edith also goes with him, but to no avail. In total, the judoka gets 16 of the 31 votes against him. “I was able to survive him once, but not a second time,” he concludes. “I feel like they didn’t like me or something, and I don’t know why.” Nevertheless, he is satisfied with the progress: “I have again received confirmation that I know very well who I am, that I will never change my dreams and values.”

Expedition Robinson: All Stars is can be seen on RTL 4 every Thursday evening at 8.30 pm. Or look (already ahead) at Videoland. Farmer Jan had to leave the island last week, but told RTL Boulevard that he did not regret anything.

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