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And then there were only eight. Eleven girls have now been put on the plane home by Thomas. Of the remaining women, the question is still who will emerge as the winner and go home with the main prize (The Bachelor!). Yet it remains strange to see finding a relationship as a competition.

Lotus position

Today it’s Yael, Inge and Ascha’s turn. They can show their most flexible side during a game of ‘couple yoga’. In the meantime, Thomas checks whether there are any downward facing dog there is attraction. Well don’t call me. It seems very uncomfortable to me! I would spontaneously get stressed during a yoga class for the first time. I just pretend that I do awkward joke of Thomas having ‘an injury’ to his heart. Talk about awkwardness.

So much for the zen. Yael unfortunately failed the test and did not advance to the next round. Thomas felt no physical attraction in lotus position. Instead of running away in her sneakers, Yael secretly saw it coming and leaves Mexico with her head held high. Then Ascha is called to the mat, but not the yoga mat. Judging by Thomas’s sloshing armpits, I thought for a moment that she too would get a ticket home. But Ascha is presented with a dream date! Just like Inge, who even gets hold of a rose. Thomas is clearly full of surprises. One a rose, the other the bon.

No kiss

Back to the awkwardness for a moment, because apparently it can always be worse. The forced conversations between the ladies who stayed behind around the villa are acting worse and worse. The pinnacle of this is the setting where Anna Noëlle is sitting on a chair in the garden and Maureen comes over and happens to take a seat on the empty chair next to her. “I’m curious how the romantic date was,” she asks Anna Noëlle, while the girl has been back since the previous evening.

Anna Noëlle was invited by Thomas to cook together. And to then examine in candlelight whether love indeed goes through the stomach. There is also a clear attraction and chemistry between these two, but strikingly enough a hug and no kiss during the goodbye. And that in such a romantic setting…

changing room

The pace of the number of dates is significantly higher than the handing out of the roses. Suddenly, The Bachelor is in some clothing store with Indigo and Isabella. The two fashion dolls are allowed to go shopping with him. Unfortunately not for himself, but for Thomas. He then hints three times whether someone will dive into the fitting room, but the girls remain giggling at a distance and suddenly don a linen men’s outfit. I wonder who came up with that bad joke. Something with a sign in front of their head and again, exactly, awkwardness.

Fortunately, there is the height of discomfort at night! Yep, the cocktail party! I’m almost going to think it’s a shame that Thomas suddenly takes the lead on arrival and stands apart with Merel a few meters away. Fortunately, my disappointment is short-lived. Because there we go again: Maureen and Indigo bite uncertainly off the bat. “Thomas and Merel are very close to each other.” “They even walked away hand in hand,” Maureen squeaks. And then walk away hand in hand with him.

Miss Netherlands

While Thomas continues to surprise me – I’m still not blown away by him either! – the build-up of the episodes remains predictable. After the cocktail party, of course, a rose ceremony. By the way, I had forgotten that Rick Brandsteder is still there! He is suddenly speaking to the nervous women. His role as a presenter is becoming less and less clear and I rarely see him giving Thomas tips. Why aren’t the remaining women actually sent to eternal bachelor Rick? Maybe a nice new formula for next year’s The Bachelor.

But back to this season. The prettiest (and most stylish!) Isabelle doesn’t get a rose. And that poor girl still loves flowers. But for Thomas she is unfortunately not adventurous enough. Then you can be a picture (last year’s Bachelor did not forget to choose Miss Netherlands!), but Thomas stays close to his own feeling. He likes to color outside the lines and blame him.

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