a vegan and a carnivore

Putting a meat eater and a vegan together: it undoubtedly makes for good TV, but a match made in heaven† That may not be the case. In the latest episode of Long live love Arthur and Kim put them to the test and, despite their different diets, live together for 24 hours.

In any case, the start of the date between the two opposites is off to a good start. Arthur brings a big teddy bear and chocolates and Kim also brought something for her date: a delicious vegan cake. Arthur understands the idea behind not eating meat, so he adjusts during the date. But when Kim confesses that, in addition to her studies, she also works in the supermarket’s butcher’s shop, viewers go wild on Twitter. “Eand vegan who works at the butcher. That is kind of like an Amnesty International member who has a side job in a prison in Thailand,” it sounds on social media.

Long live love

When Arthur takes a bite of his cake, made of lemon and linseed, his face twitches. “That seed tasted a bit bitter to see,” jokes one viewer. “He’s having a hard time swallowing that filthy pastry”† And rightly so,” said another. At least Arthur won’t get rid of the cake, but then Kim is curious if he cooks a lot. And that’s where the monkey comes in: “I eat quite a lot of meat,” admits her date. Kim can laugh about it, but Arthur feels that it could cause some problems for the two. Despite the fact that he likes a piece of meat himself, Arthur understands “the underlying idea” of veganism.

Then it’s time to make a shopping list. Arthur already had a preference, ‘but that’s meat’. So there is block number one. Still, the daters decide to eat together, rather than separate meals. Kim still criticizes Arthur’s choice to eat ‘dry rice’. “Without sauce?” she asks. “And that really makes you happy?”

When Arthur also mispronounces the word avocado, Kim’s disbelief only seems to grow. Tomorrow, in the next episode, we see Kim and Arthur asking each other questions from the well-known question box. And then it turns out that “ladies who ride horses” are not allowed in the Arthur house.

Formiliar face

But Kim and Arthur aren’t the only couple taking part in the program, of course. This is what viewers saw in the episode of Long live love a very familiar face. What seems? Sandra has participated in a dating program before. In First Dates unfortunately she didn’t find a match, but who knows, maybe she will hit the mark this time, with Oege. It turns out that Sandra is a fanatic dater, but quickly giving her number to someone on Tinder thinks the candidate is going too far. “Giving a phone number is not my thing. But I’m going to sit with a complete stranger and a jacuzzi for 24 hours,” responds one viewer.

Candidate Steven also knows how to amuse the viewers of the love program. Since it’s his date’s birthday, he surprises her with a cake. But the viewers don’t think she has to sleep on the couch on her own birthday. “He looks like a car salesman, with all that talk of his,” someone responds. “Steven, you deserve a ‘Will Smith’ Urgh!”

Long Live Love can be viewed via this link.

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