Margriet from BZV didn’t want to be Hans’ ‘housekeeper or groom’

The love scenes on the farms of Farmer seeks wife keep many viewers busy. On Sunday, Margriet had to leave the love nest of horse farmer Hans and her television appearance was met with quite a few reactions. Now she is telling her side of the story.

In a look back from Farmer seeks wife air Margriet’s heart about her farm date adventure. Although she labels Hans as a sweet man, the participant ran into the “snarling behavior” of the Brabant farmer. Margriet didn’t like that she would ever be snapped as much as Hans does to his daughter and horses. According to her, the farmer also talked too much about his deceased wife. “I don’t need to be a housekeeper or a groom,” says Margriet.

Hans was not the type of man for Margriet

The participant is convinced that it would never work between her and Hans. “It’s not my type of guy,” she explains. In radio program Wout2Day Margriet also told Monday that the farmer changed on “his own terrain”. Hans was quite strict with his horses in the last episode and some viewers and candidates liked that. According to Margriet, Hans mainly wanted to appear very tough.

Margriet had to leave Farmer Wants Woman

She would have liked to stay longer herself, she says in the radio program. According to her, it is not possible to really get to know someone after one night. According to her, her departure came too soon.

Margriet tells that Hans promised to drink coffee with her after her exit. But the participant has had no further contact with the farmer. She did, however, have friendships with the other ladies.

BZV viewers find Dinie a perfect match for Hans

There was already much speculation on Twitter about the best candidate for farmer Hans. Incidentally, there is also a lot of discussion about other candidates on social media. Margriet did not really become popular, but according to viewers Dinie is a perfect match for the horse farmer. Her love for horses and caring and calm disposition fits according to bodviewers good with Hans. The reactions show that not everyone agrees with Margriet’s words. Twitterers previously labeled Hans as sympathetic and sweet.

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Margriet from BZV opens book about farmer Hans: didn’t want to be a ‘housekeeper or groom’

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