Hans Zimmer Live overwhelms Ziggo Dome

With the arrival of the earlier Hans Zimmer concerts in the Ziggo Dome, which had been postponed due to the pandemic, the far too long annus horribilis that has stopped the music for far too long has finally come to an end. Sunday was the first of two concerts by the film music composer Hans Zimmer from Frankfurt in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

At the beginning of the evening, the immense hall was filled with an audience that already had their tickets in their pocket before February 2021. There was a beautiful, expectant atmosphere. Not surprising when you know that the man who performs has already made the music for more than 200 cinema films, including most of the big blockbusters of the last two decades. Zimmer has 12 Oscar nominations, 14 Golden Globe nominations and 18 Grammy nominations to his name, of which he has since cashed in 2 Oscars, 3 Golden Globes and 3 Grammys. A wonderful concert to look forward to.

At eight o’clock the lights dimmed and the audience heard the first sounds of ‘House Atreides’, taken from ‘The Dune Sketchbook’, the first of two released albums of music from the film. In front of a canvas that kept the rest of the stage out of sight for a while, the original singer on the recording, Loire Cotler, came out and she began to sing like an angel. The audience was immediately on the alert. Beautiful graphics were projected behind her, as if controlled by her voice. In addition to her work as a singer, Cotler is a clinical music therapist; Perhaps that’s why we all felt something of the healing power of music.

From the movie ‘Dune’, the audience was taken to see ‘Mombasa’ from the movie ‘Inception. No projections of the film with an orchestra in front, but Hans Zimmer himself on guitar with a large orchestra and choir. Surprising, but fascinating. In the film, Leonardo diCaprio flees from the casino in Mombasa through the busy streets of the Kenyan city to escape his pursuers. Because of the rousing percussion rhythm you could close your eyes and almost taste the film. The opening offensive of the concert ended with music from the not-so-successful DC Comics movie ‘Wonder Woman’. Zimmer took us to Themyscira, the fictional country where Wonder Woman comes from. Theatrical and bombastic.

That set the tone for the rest of the evening. Zimmer knocked Ziggo Dome down with a kind of ‘shock and awe’ offensive that few could withstand. So much happened on stage that you were really short of eyes. Almost strange to see Hans Zimmer on stage in his casual clothes, among his musicians who not only seemed to come from another world musically, but also in their theatrical attire. Can Hans Zimmer best be compared live with a major mega production like André Rieu’s with his Strauss orchestra? Perhaps a somewhat far-fetched comparison, but if you think about it, you will agree. Both productions don’t rely on small gestures, and on that scale the possibility to really interact with the audience is very limited.

The light show that Zimmer had with him was second to none. Undoubtedly spectacular in a way that has no equal. The sound in the Ziggodome was excellent, although it was too much to ask to be able to distinguish details in the bombast and breadth that were there. A pity, but also inherent to the scale of this production. Musically the offer varied enormously, from the banjo music from the ‘Rango’ film to the metal-like guitar-driven rock pieces from the ‘Dark Knight Medley’ that are almost reminiscent of the concerts of Ayreon’s ‘Universe’ in Tilburg in 2019. Theatrical and impressively tight music.

At the end of the evening, the orchestra completely captivated the audience with ‘The Lion King Medley’. Special guest Lebohang ‘Lebo M’ Morake sang the stars from the sky. Together with his daughter Refilwe Morake, he managed to evoke the world of ‘The Lion King’ in the Ziggo Dome. It was a breathtakingly beautiful performance. After two sets and two encores, the audience left the Ziggo Dome overwhelmed and spoiled. Facing the cold evening, but with the warmth of a fantastic evening in their hearts.

Photos (c) Rafael Koch Rossic

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