Erica and Maxime respond to criticism of Chateau Assistance and ‘leaving behind’ baby

Maxime Meiland decided in the latest episode of Chateau Assistance leaving her baby Vivé at the thrift store with a saleswoman during a store visit. Much to the surprise of viewers. Incidentally, they commented on many things. Mother Erica and Maxime react to the commotion.

The Meilandjes haven’t been doing very well lately. Their program Chateau Assistance is food for comment, Arjen Lubach lashed out at the Meiland family and not long ago Erica Meiland was discredited because of her statements about Islam. By the way, she was elected councilor in Noordwijk.

Erica stands up for Maxime after commenting Chateau Bijstand

In Monday’s episode, mother Erica and daughter Maxime go shopping for their welfare house. Maxime, manned with maxi cosi with baby Vivé in it, asks the saleswoman of the thrift store if she can babysit her child. And that’s what the employee does. After that, Erica and Maxime can continue shopping.

The move sparked outrage on Twitter. Because some viewers thought it was crazy that a mother leaves her child with a stranger. But tweeters find even more moments in the program to criticize. Because why did the Meilandjes buy wine instead of baby food? Why did Erica and Maxime leave the pram in the thrift store? Why does Martien take food from his television work? And why do the Meilandjes go to the more expensive neighborhood supermarket and not to Aldi? And why can the maxi cosi be used? Erica seems fed up and gives clarity on Twitter.

Maxime Meiland also responds to comments about baby

Maxime also shared a response to all the commotion on her Instagram, in which she thanks the loyal viewers.

Maxime Erica Meiland Meilandjes Chateau Assistance
Maxime’s reaction on her Instagram. Photo: Maxime Meiland / Instagram

Noordwijk villa Meilandjes still for sale

The Noordwijk villa of the Meilandjes has not yet been sold. Last year, Martien and Erica bought the villa for 2.7 million euros. But it soon became apparent that the couple wanted to leave. The house went on sale for 3 million euros, but is now for sale for 2.8 million. Yesterday the presenters of RTL Boulevard sales with those of their chateau in France. According to Buy Without Looking-expert Roos Reedijk are asking the Meilandjes too much money for the villa.

Want to watch Monday’s episode of Chateau Assistance? You will find it here.

Twitter goes wild at Chateau Bijstand: ‘What a long that cycle’

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Erica and Maxime respond to commotion about Chateau Assistance and ‘leaving behind’ baby

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