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The role Elliot Page plays in The Umbrella Academy becomes a transgender character in the third season of the Netflix series. Page played the role of cisgender woman Vanya Hargreeves in the first second seasons, but in the upcoming season the character will change to Viktor Hargreeves and the pronouns he/him/his will be used. Netflix announced via social media that it “warmly welcomes Viktor to the family”.

Page also announced the news on his social media, with the message: ‘Meet Viktor Hargreeves’. The actor was also present at the Oscars ceremony last Sunday and called wearing a suit “a transgender joy”. “I’ve never felt so good. I never thought I could ever feel this good. I know which obstacles I have faced and which I have overcome, it was difficult. The enormous privileges that I have, the enormous possibilities that I have…they have allowed me to save myself. From therapy to surgery and everything in between.”

He continues: ,,The fact that I can now show myself as the person I really am is liberating and very beautiful. No more constant insecurities or the feeling that I have to flee. Wearing a suit was great. They may seem like small things, but to me they are so important. That you see yourself for the first time in photos as the person you are and above all that you are accepted for who you are.”

Page announced in December 2020 that he would now go through life as Elliot. “I cannot put into words how much it means to me to be supported like this. It is overwhelming to be loved for the person I am and want to be. The transgender community has inspired me immensely, thank you for your courage, generosity and unending work to make this world more inclusive.”

What you need to know about LGBTI people:

The abbreviation lhbti stands for lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people.

One cisgender person is someone whose gender identity corresponds to the sex of birth. at a transgender person does not match.

non-binary people don’t feel like a man or a woman. The terms gender fluid and queer fall here according to most LGBT people also under.

transgender or trans person: ‘trans’ is more commonly used as an adjective. So someone is a transgender person or a trans man or woman.

je gender identity indicates how you feel, male or female or neither. With you gender expression show you how you feel. je sex is about your sexual characteristics (including genitals) and with your sexual preference indicate who you like.

Non-binary people don’t want to be referred to as them or him but as them or that, we respect that.

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