Anouk lashes out at Peter van der Vorst: ‘He called me like a screaming suckling pig’ | show

Anouk has this afternoon in the Coen and Sander show on Radio 538 lashed out mercilessly at RTL boss Peter van der Vorst. He called her when she announced via Instagram to stop The Voice of Holland after the scandal surrounding the talent show. “He started screaming that I was a backstabber and that we should all have solved it hand in hand.”

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She has heard nothing more from the RTL leadership after the discontinuation of The Voice of Hollandthat Anouk told today in the Coen and Sander show† When asked whether she thinks she will return to one of the coach seats, she responded: ,,Absolutely a big broom will have to be run through that shop first. The fact that I haven’t heard anything more doesn’t bode well. If you continue with a program, you must first have a good conversation with everyone. To see how you are going to do things differently.”

She explains that there was brief contact the day the press release about the discontinuation of The Voice came out. She heard that an hour and a half before. “They wouldn’t say who it was at the time. I found out very quickly, since I just started calling people myself. I also thought it was strange that we were not told who they were. After that, I let it be known via my Instagram that I wanted nothing to do with this.”

She continues: ,,The next day I got Peter van der Vorst on the phone like a screaming suckling pig. He started screaming that I was a backstabber (someone who ‘stabs you in the back’, ed.) and that we should have solved it all together hand in hand. Because we had such a good relationship. I don’t have that at all. I’ve seen the man three times and we’re just having a business meeting.”


Anouk found that reaction strange. “I said, ‘Dude, just shut up your fucking waffle. You better rant at all those guys who can’t keep their dicks down their pants. And not to me. After that I never spoke to anyone again.” She doesn’t understand that. ,,I thought it was neat in all those weeks to hear what is going to happen. No one knew if the program was still being broadcast. A lot has been recorded. Awesome stuff too.”

About Ali B and Jeroen Rietbergen, among others, she said: ,,I went well with all those guys anyway. It’s totally ridiculous what happened. But I liked them all. That just makes it all the more disappointing and even more awkward what happened. People who say: ‘she should have seen that a long time ago’. New! Just shut up. I don’t socialize with anyone, ever! Everyone who knows me knows: I arrive, I do my work and then I get into my car. I don’t come into the dressing room, I don’t chat with people, I just want to go home. So I don’t know what’s going on.”


Peter van der Vorst says in a reaction that he was attacked by Anouk’s entry point, in which she resigned. “She had not reported anything to us in advance. The wording she used was also violent, especially for anyone who did in good faith The Voice worked. It wasn’t until the next morning that she answered the phone. Emotions ran high in that conversation, but we also closed nicely.”

Furthermore, the broadcaster does not want to go too deeply into Anouk’s statements. ,,We prefer to focus on more important matters around The Voice, such as the investigation that is still in progress. Furthermore, the contact with Anouk was always excellent.” He adds: ,,I hope for Anouk that her concerts are sold out quickly!”

The Voice of Holland was stopped in January for sexually transgressive behaviour. Band leader Jeroen Rietbergen then acknowledged that allegations against him are correct and he resigned. He had had relationships of a “sexual nature” with women involved in The Voice of Hollandhe reported. There were also in the broadcast of the online program Angry allegations against Ali B, Marco Borsato and director Martijn N. Several reports are filed with the police.

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