Million Dollar Island throws candidates off island after intimidation and aggression

Three candidates of the program million Dollar Island had to leave the program abruptly due to intimidating and aggressive behavior. Last night it was shown how presenter Dennis van der Geest confronted the three gentlemen. They would have misbehaved towards other candidates.

In Million Dollar Island 100 Dutch people, who do not know each other, compete with each other for 100,000 euros. Only last night it turned out that not everyone is able to behave in such a situation. The participants have now been on the island for ten days and that is not easy for everyone. Some candidates are homesick and food is scarce.

Million Dollar Island candidates go home after harassment

The shortage of food causes the above-mentioned candidates to go out of the box. Tom, Willem-Jan and Michel had to say goodbye to their fellow candidates quite unexpectedly. This is followed by a confrontation with presenter Dennis van der Geest. Because what turned out? The men chose a threatening and intimidating way to get food. And that means exit for the three candidates, who were allowed to hand in their wristbands immediately. Stories from other candidates showed that Tom, Willem-Jan and Michel were already claiming food at the start of the battle. There were threats from the trio. “You must give us food, otherwise we will make these seven weeks hell for you,” they told their fellow candidates.

No quarrel with Dennis van der Geest

The reactions on Twitter show that viewers appreciate the approach of the programmers. They praise the zero tolerance policy of Million Dollar Island† Incidentally, the incident took place outside the cameras, so viewers were not shown any images. The fact that Van der Geest, who is a former judoka himself, bonjourdes the men of the island, also caused reactions online. Because you better not argue with that presenter.

Watch the clip below in which the three participants are sent home.

Million Dollar Island can be seen every Sunday at 9:30 PM on SBS6. You can watch all episodes of Million Dollar Island one hour after they air on Amazon Prime Video.

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Dennis van der Geest throws three candidates from Million Dollar Island because of intimidation and aggression

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