Marriage Joep and Caroline in danger: ‘I don’t need to live together’

In ‘Married at First Sight’, several couples take the plunge by getting married without ever having seen each other before. Joep and Caroline also have a ring on their finger, but the question is how long it will stay there…

“There is no romance or a butterfly that comes to have a look”

For Joep and Caroline, it seems that not only their honeymoon has come to an end, but also their marriage. Although the bridal couple had nice days on Crete and the trip even has a place on Joep’s body forever, the spark still doesn’t seem to have passed. “On the one hand, we really had a great time here. On the other hand, I also like going home, to my own people and my own place”, Joep announces while packing his Suitcase.

He also missed ‘mothers’, who he grabs quite a bit when he sees her at Schiphol. And although his mother-in-law still has a ‘very positive impression’, things still go wrong a little later… Although Caroline at Schiphol still states that they just need time, Joep takes this statement very literally.

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According to Joep, who was previously seen in the dating program The Bachelorette, he and his wife are just too different. So he has his doubts, which for Caroline is ‘very scary’. “What I noticed very much is that I have something more outgoing and that I actually wanted to keep doing fun things all the time and Caroline was really looking for that peace of mind,” explains Joep. “There’s nothing wrong with that, I also respect who she is, one hundred percent. But that’s why I started to wonder whether it matches with me and my life.” Living together is therefore not necessary for Joep: “It didn’t feel nice for me, so I don’t want a long story about it for myself and for Caroline. to make. There is no romance or a butterfly that comes to have a look.”

“I expected that some steps would be taken, I think that is also logical when you come back into your own life. But I did have the idea that he had already made a bit more of a choice”, says Caroline her side of the story. “I’m still open to seeing how it can go further.”

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Jan and Birgitte have yet to discover it all: they just said yes to each other. But it has not escaped the attention of the guests in the room that Jan has not exactly shown his most courteous side. The experts have mixed feelings about the match. “I’ve seen positive signs, but I have to say… Jan is a diamond in the rough and it will be a challenge for Birgitte to sharpen that,” says psychologist Liselotte Visser.

Behavioral biologist Patrick van Veen adds: “He doesn’t understand how to react, to anticipate signals that a woman gives. (…) I was a bit worried about Birgitte, but she was the positivity. She took the initiative.”

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Meanwhile, in Rotterdam, Maurice is looking forward to his last date. After his marriage with Arjan ended, the experts gave him a new chance at love. “I have now had two dates, with two very nice gentlemen. That does something to me,” he says prior to his third date with 46-year-old Dennis from Ede. “This puts such a positive spin on something that was less fun, I’m really good at it. I feel really good.”

Dennis has signed up because he wants to ‘enrich his life’ and is looking for a partner who wants to discover new things with him. Their date is therefore very creative: they go to see art. “I was really pleasantly surprised, what a nice guy”, Maurice shares his first findings in front of the camera. “I am very happy with this match. (…) He will come in, he knows how to silence me.”

Married at First Sight can be seen every Tuesday at 8.30 pm on RTL 4 or look ahead at Videoland.

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