Incomprehension that the man who crashed Lamborghini is with Jinek: ‘Is this satire?’

Rick van Stippent, the 29-year-old millionaire who broke down his brand new Lamborghini on Sunday, was a guest at Jinek† He told Humberto Tan, who replaced the sick Eva Jinek, about the accident and about the media attention that followed. But viewers do not understand the invitation to the talk show. “Are they really interviewing someone who drove his half-million dollar car to smithereens?”

The 29-year-old millionaire crashed into the crash barrier on the A28 with his very expensive car on Sunday, leaving a large skid track. At that time he was on his way to a car show in Assen. There he wanted to show his car worth 500,000 euros, but that turned out differently. His car was a total loss, but Van Stippent and the co-driver got away unscathed.

The slip marks left by the millionaire can be seen in the video below.

Van Stippent is ‘slightly traumatized’ by accident

In a video on his Instagram, Van Stippent later said that he is having a hard time mentally. The accident left him “slightly traumatized.” “I have lost my most beautiful car, but a life richer. I will try to process everything as soon as possible.”

The accident led to many reactions, not all of which were equally positive. Many people cannot stand the ‘victim behaviour’ that Van Stippent exhibits. They also have doubts about the explanation of the millionaire about the cause of the accident. Although many people think he drove too fast, the millionaire denies it.

Viewers Jinek: ‘Talk show has fallen through the lower limit’

There is also a lot of misunderstanding that the millionaire was a guest in the talk show yesterday Jinek to tell about the accident. “In the past you really had to be able to do something to be able to sit down at a talk show table. Now all you have to do is wreck a Lamborghini… as a 29-year-old millionaire,” the critics said.

There is often criticism of the talk show guests in Jinek, but viewers think that the talk show has now fallen through the lower limit. †Does that irresponsible driver get from that Lamborghinic now a podium Jinek† He can squeeze his hands that he didn’t hit a car with a family during his crash.

Millionaire: ‘I am accused of being a criminal’

At Jinek, Van Stippent emphasized that he was wrongly accused of speeding, although he could not remember his speed. “Look, you accelerate and you go back. There is now a video circulating that I am constantly speeding, but those are false accusations.”

He said he was with Jinek to counter the ‘ghost stories’. “The stories circulated so fast, I am accused of being a criminal on social media. When I read that, I thought, so to speak: I should have died.”

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Incomprehension that the man who crashed Lamborghini is with Jinek: ‘Is this satire?’

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