Do tells story about incident with Jeroen Rietbergen: ‘I beat him’

Singer Do (40) has once again opened up about the sexual transgressive behavior of ‘TVOH’ band leader Jeroen Rietbergen (50) in the podcast ‘With z’n all’ by Gwen van Poorten (32).

“I punched him in the face the moment it happened”

After the YouTube program #ANGRY the cesspool opened about the abuses at The voice of Holland, Do also came out with her experiences with Jeroen. The singer does in the podcast All together her story again. “What I think is very important is that I am convinced that in our industry, the entertainment industry, there is very little social control. (…) The allegations against Ali, they are outside the The Voice-floor around. I can’t and won’t say anything about that.” But, she says, “The situation that has arisen with the accusations against everyone else is much more socially detectable. I think that could be handled much better. And where people can be stopped much faster. If there are others in the profession who just dare to say: dude, don’t do that for a while.”

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“What I found difficult at The Voiceis that there are four people [zijn], quite core values ​​within that program, which are said to have crossed the line. And then it turns out that a lot of other people in the workplace have not said anything about it,” Do continues. She also says that she also has unpleasant experiences with the director of TVOH: “He is extremely touchy. I found it uncomfortable to be alone in a room with him because I think he is crossing a line.”

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“In the situation with Jeroen Rietbergen, he really assaulted me. (…) He knows that too, because I hit him in the face when it happened,” said Do. “And did I say: dude what the f*ck† How come you do that? He also said: ‘Sorry, won’t do it again, I thought I’d just try it.'” Do indicates that she was ‘not dependent’ on Jeroen and considered him a ‘contemporary’, even though he is ten years older.” I think I was quite a match for him specifically, because I didn’t feel threatened by him. (…) I never had the idea: should I report someone?”

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What is difficult for Do to comprehend is that no action has been taken before. “Apparently he has continued to do it all his life. What I found difficult: it is still bizarre that everyone knows that he does it and that it can continue.” Do not understand that no one says anything about it. “And pretend we don’t know about it? That was perhaps the most intense thing about it. I don’t want to attack anyone at all, because I don’t think anyone has intentionally let this happen (…) I was just amazed it took so long because I thought: everyone knows this, doesn’t everyone? And: if this has happened before, how can he still be in that place?”

In the video below you can see how Do reacted to the abuses at the time TVOH

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