‘225 euros per week is not assistance’

Television program Chateau Assistance continues to stir emotions. The SBS6 program, in which the Meilandjes exchange their luxurious life for a month on welfare, has recently been criticized from all sides. The third episode of last night also does not pass without a fuss. “This gives a distorted picture of reality.”

Viewers are not happy about the amount that the Meilandjes can spend every week. It concerns an amount of 225 euros, but in the view of viewers that is far too much and does not represent a good reflection of reality. “There are families in the Netherlands who have to get by on 70 euros a week. Shame to call this assistance.”

De Meilandjes and the program makers also maintain that the amount corresponds exactly to the amount that those entitled to social assistance receive deposited into their account.

Previously criticized Chateau Bijstand

They are not the first critical notes about Chateau Assistance† The first two episodes also did not pass without the necessary reactions. At the end of last year, when Chateau Assistance was announced, many people already seemed to have little understanding of the program. Twitterers called the concept “morally reprehensible”: “Importing poor people to make even more money.”

Arjen Lubach recently paid attention in his program to Chateau Assistance† He was critical of the fact that the rich Meilandjes temporarily exchange their luxurious life, while people on welfare do not have that choice. Television critic Angela de Jong also asked herself in the AD wonders aloud whether such a program is still possible “now that more and more people are struggling to make ends meet”. She called the program “madness.”

Meilandjes continue to attract more than a million viewers

Despite all the criticism, yesterday’s episode again attracted more than a million viewers. The loyal viewers do not understand all the criticism. “Great TV. No brainer, really nice. I think they are nice.” Another responds: “Just don’t look, if you find those people so disgusting.”

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