Viewers annoyed by Twan Huys in Buitenhof: ‘Crooked toes’

Twan Huys can’t do well with the presentation of Buitenhof today, viewers seem to find it. After all, almost all of them take to Twitter to show their dissatisfaction. According to them, Huys is too eager to hear what he wants himself and his performance in the program is even “crowded”.

In Buitenhof Among others, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Secretary General of NATO, was a guest to talk about the situation in Ukraine. For example, he and Huys talked about establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine and the divestment of Russian gas and oil, of which neither De Hoop Scheffer is a fan. But what really sticks out to viewers is Huys’ interview technique.

Criticism of Twan Huys

Twan Huys interrupts De Hoop Scheffer several times while he tells his story. While the former UN Secretary-General is in the middle of his story, Huys now and then asks a new question or throws a comment in the middle. That is sometimes necessary as an interviewer, but according to viewers it happens here to the annoyance. The general trend on social media is therefore: ‘Let that man finish the conversation’, and viewers find Huys’ behavior ‘indecent’. In addition, De Hoop Scheffer himself also seems to be somewhat irritated when Huys says that he is “taken hostage, forever” by Putin, by not intervening.

Incidentally, there is a lot of praise for De Hoop Scheffer: viewers praise his way of reasoning and agree wholeheartedly with him about whether or not to intervene in Ukraine. For example, a viewer compliments him for not “going along in the emotional rollercoaster of Twan Huys”.


All criticism of Twan Huys aside, there are also a number of viewers who praise this broadcast. That is partly due to De Hoop Scheffer, who also offered his opinion on the ‘gas crisis’. Should we stop with Russian gas, or opt for our own wallet? “As a director I would say: ‘My responsibility is also towards the Dutch economy and citizens and to prevent too much pain in our national economy’. I do understand that there are hesitations to achieve a complete shutdown of oil and gas imports. It is a less easy debate for someone like the Prime Minister or Minister of Finance, for example, they cannot just say: ‘We will stop with gas and oil’.”

In addition, De Hoop Scheffer pointed out that the use of a no-fly zone would lead to war with the Russians. “Before you set that up, you must first disable Russian air defenses. And it is not only in Ukraine.” In addition, the former secretary general does not think that Putin will deploy nuclear weapons over land or in civilian centers.

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Viewers annoyed by Twan Huys in Buitenhof: ‘Crooked toes’

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