Tonight on TV: the sirtaki with Otto-Jan and Jani

Because your sitting hole also needs to be maintained, Humo guides you through the range on the small and medium-sized screen every day.


‘The container cup’

The Least Credible Sports Commentators Since Paul HerygersWesley Sonck and Pedro Elias – take a seat in their container again tonight to see the strongest legs, arms and heads of our country give the best of themselves. At the start this year: 30 new top athletes and 8 well-known Flemish people. New this season is that the athletes have a bond with each other and the second in a row can follow the performance of the first live and adjust his tactics if necessary. The sporting debates will be opened tonight by cycling talents Florian Vermeersch and Mauri Vansevenant

Pedro and Wesley: ‘Wesley, is it okay for me to speak here? It must remain a little understandable’

At 8 p.m. on Play4

‘Viva la feta’

Agree, the influx of refugees from Ukraine is a humanitarian nightmare, but Greece faces an equally dramatic problem of new arrivals. The country has had to shelter for a summer Otto-Jan Ham and Jani Kazaltzis and to make matters worse, they welcomed a new guest every week in their holiday accommodation in ‘Viva la feta’. How Bart De Wever and Martin Meiland have disturbed the local values ​​​​and norms we have yet to discover, because the first guest tonight is comedienne Serine Ayari

At 8.40 pm on Play4

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‘Vive le vélo, long live the Round’

Spring is in the country and that makes Flanders happy. Because the heating does not burn as much, but mainly because it is time for the Ronde van Vlaanderen, the annual high mass for every cycling and sitting amateur. In the run-up to the cycling race, Karl Vannieuwkerke completes his own tour of our region with four episodes of ‘Vive le vélo, long live de Ronde’ in four well-known cycling cafes.

At 21:30 on One

‘War in Westerbrok’

Camp Westerbork, in the northeast of the Netherlands, served – similar to Breendonk in our country – during the Second World War as a transit point for people who had been arrested by the Nazis and had to wait for deportation. The majority of the prisoners were Dutch Jews, with Anne Frank, who was in Westerbork from August 4 to September 3, 1944, as the most famous of the nearly 100,000 people who were deported from the camp. But what happened in the weeks that followed is a much less well-known piece of Dutch history and the subject of the new documentary ‘War in Westerbork’. After the liberation, thousands of Dutch suspected of collaboration were imprisoned in the camp, who were guarded by ex-prisoners, or Jews, due to lack of personnel.

At 8.25 pm on NPO 2

‘The Traitors’ (final)

‘The traitors’ started as a simple game of ‘Werewolves’, but in recent weeks, and in no small part due to the limited game knowledge of the participating well-known Flemish people, has degenerated into a drama series as only the makers of ‘Thuis’ can write. In the final, one of the traitors tries to cross over to the camp of the allies, begins Staff Coppens look more and more like a Bond villain and know Niels Albert for the first time in his career not at all what is going on. And that for an ex-cyclocross rider.

At 8.35 pm on VTM

‘Muhammad Ali’

New eight-part series on the career and legacy of the most famous boxer of all time, for which the celebrated documentary filmmaker Ken Burns (‘The Vietnam War’) spoke to family, friends, journalists, ex-boxers and historians for six years.

At 10.20 pm on NPO 2

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