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TVAfter barely 2.5 hours of viewing pleasure, the field of participants in ‘De mol’ has already been reduced to eight. In a playful second episode – where the elimination trial was played in pairs for the first time – the likeable youngster Toon and the equally likeable ‘lucky loser’ Jens went down together. For those who still doubted it: in addition to the real Mole, some of the candidates play along happily this season to mess things up.

No, we’re not going to make any attempt to explain in a few sentences how the two trials of this second episode were put together. That’s an impossible job. So let’s keep it short: test 1 had something to do with three culinary dishes that had to be made and with which 3,000 euros could be earned. Test 2 was a treasure worth 4,000 euros that had to be excavated. In both tests, exactly zero euros was earned. Fortunately, there was Mrs Mieke Mievis, sexologist and ‘dating consultant’, who was brought in to reduce the ten candidates to ‘perfect couples’. Some unanimity in that selection of duos still yielded 2,000 euros. For example, there is now ‘already’ 6,000 euros in the group pot. But much tougher, more than 20,000 euros has already gone up in smoke. Without the Mol apparently having to put in a lot of effort. Or at least managed to keep his sabotage very under the radar.

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Nice viewing food

Because of the large number of candidates at the start of ‘De mol’, the two major assignments turned out to be very nice viewing spectacles that made little clear who or where was molding. Because just about everyone did some suspicious acts. In the big cooking assignment, the ladies Manu and Nele were quickly sidelined, Philippe made sure, whether or not through clumsiness, that 1,000 euros was drilled through the nose and the rest also just messed up a lot. Bert, for example, let himself be turned off in a flash. And Toon proved that not all Scouts learn to cook at camp.

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Nele and Manu. © Play4

The ‘pirate test’ was also a measure for nothing. There was a lot of messing around. Certified diver Uma was not allowed to do her thing and became overruled by tree caretaker Bert, who did not cook in the water. Strategically placed at the pirate flag, Manu let Toon muddle along, not even knowing that ‘Leao’ means lion. She also lost her screen fight. The trio Sven-Philippe-Uma played their part flawlessly, which could not be said of the trio Yens-Anke-Nele. We will only know much later whether Sven simply fell off the beam because of the stress. Either way, it’s clear that many candidates would rather be suspicious than make money.

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The nicest surprise in the second episode was the romantic tête-à-tête, followed by the announcement that one of the five couples, after a joint elimination trial, would have to leave the game. Remarkable: the couple Bert & Uma kept up their tête-à-tête until the next morning and the two were woken up together.

Before the actual elimination, the Mol makers wanted us to believe that most of the occasional couples worked quite well together during the elimination trial. Anke & Philippe wanted to avoid tunnel vision. Bert & Uma focused on one name and opted for ‘Russian roulette’, Jens & Toon and Nele & Sven wanted to spread out, Manu & Yens each went their own way. “Go hard or go home”, Manu made clear. A little later it turned out that it was over for Toon and Jens.

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The candidates were divided into five pairs.
The candidates were divided into five pairs. © Play4

no coincidence

And so, after just one full episode, the Mol adventure of carpenter Jens Zutterman (31), from Ypres, came to an end. Last year’s most unlucky candidate of all time for being out of the game before it even started. But then slyly fished up by the Mol makers, who found in Jens a very easy, sometimes somewhat naive, but dead honest and fine candidate. “The exemption that Uma obtained from the lava test last week, has effectively been in Jens’ cuckoo clock for a year, albeit slightly deeper and better hidden than when the clock hung in the cubicle on the lava field,” said presenter Gilles De Coster. unlikely course of that exemption and that clock. “We left nothing to chance to get Jens to Lanzarote. Shana, his girlfriend, knew about it and had emptied Jens’ agenda unbeknownst to him. Jens himself was asked to bring his cuckoo clock “for promotional purposes” on his so-called trip to the Moselle. And the Parship interview happened with Jens under the guise of a “new game show” for which he was brought in as a test subject. All this to smuggle him unsuspectingly into the first episode of ‘The Mole’. All in all a very extensive scenario, which we will explain in detail in the last episode.”

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Dear players

1. Anke, the 32-year-old detective

2. Philippe, the 34-year-old physiotherapist

3. Yens, the 27-year-old account manager

Highest Mole Content

1. Emanuelle, the 35-year-old receptionist

2. Bert, the 45-year-old arborist

3. Sven, the 30-year-old copywriter


Toon Tijsmans, the 19-year-old student and scout from Vorselaar. Together with Jens Zutterman (31), the carpenter from Ypres, he received the red thumb. So, just like the duo Kevin and Dami last year, the duo had to leave ‘De mol’ together.

Last week Gretel Van der Straeten, the 51-year-old optician, from Damme, was the first to disappear from the TV game.

in the jar

For the group: 6,000 euros

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