Scammed desperate in Postponement of Execution: ‘Tired’

When Rianne and Brian buy their first house a few years ago, they hire a contractor for a real ‘dream renovation’. Unfortunately for the two, things don’t turn out the way they expected: the contractor stops halfway through the job and runs off with the money. Rianne and Brian are left with an unfinished house and are also a ton lighter. Martijn Krabbé decides to help the two together with his team of experts.

“It’s Worse Than We Thought”

When Rianne and Brian are looking for a contractor, they decide to go for someone they know. They hire the father of a friend of Brian’s and have full confidence in him. That trust soon turns out to be completely unjustified: the contractor makes a mess of it and doesn’t keep to his agreements. When he suddenly stops halfway through the renovation, he leaves the couple with a house that is ‘total loss’. And it doesn’t stop there, because everything he has done turns out not to be well done. So the renovation actually has to be done all over again.

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However, there is no money to rebuild again, because the contractor has been paid in advance and does not want to return the money. Rianne and Brian start a lawsuit against the contractor and are in the right. However, the contractor appears to have acted cunningly: he has no account, home or vehicle in his name, which means that there is nothing to get from him on paper. Rianne and Brian are still faced with a big problem and the two no longer see the wood for the trees.

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It is clear that it is bad when construction engineer Duncan Abrahams comes to take a look. It turns out that the renovation does not meet the requirements of the municipality, which means that it has to be demolished anyway. “It’s even worse than we thought,” concludes Duncan after completing his lap. The couple therefore has two choices: they can try to sell the house and buy a new home themselves, or they must have the renovation carried out completely again and continue living in the house. However you get used to it, money is needed and budget coach Eef van Opdorp is given the task of getting this money from somewhere.

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When Brian and Rianne are presented with the two options, they decide to sell their house so that they can get rid of it in one go. Something that Martijn can understand well. “They are completely tired and so they can make a new start.” By moving, they are in a sense also rid of the contractor, who lives in the street with the two and who they therefore still have to see regularly. Selling the house for a good price is not that easy, given the fact that the new residents have to go through a major renovation. Yet miraculously the broker Alex van Keulen manages to find someone who is interested and who is also willing to pay more than the asking price.

This means that Rianne and Brian can start looking for a new home. The two are lucky, because Alex has found them a house that is not yet on the market, is in their current neighborhood and meets all their wishes. The couple decides to make an offer and when it turns out not much later that it is accepted, their future looks a lot brighter.

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