Farmer Hans sends Margriet home, she’s just not doing a happy dance

The first lodge of this Farmer seeks Wife season has been sent home by our own farmer Hans. Yet the tears did not flow in Strijbeek, but elsewhere. It was the broadcast again. Our BOD watcher Steffi certainly had a great time.

It was certainly not about easy going with farmer Hans and his three wives: Dinie, Annette and Margriet. But yes, the farmer sighed, they all have a ‘backpack’. Margriet’s was packed on Sunday evening. She left relieved. After the performance of ‘the owner’ in the horse pasture, she knew enough.

Steffi: “You saw Margriet’s departure coming last week. It just doesn’t fit. He is a really sweet, hard-working man, but a bit old-fashioned. That’s why Dinie may have her doubts, while I think they are Still, I think it will work out and he will come into his own better now that there are only two women left.”

In Drenthe it starts to chafe between the women themselves. Farmer Evert said he is good at picking up signals, but does he realize this? Cora lashed out viciously at Maud several times. And told in tears how she demands all the attention, with her nonsense about Evert’s hands. The quiet Nans keeps well on the plain.

“Maud is just the star of the show,” says Steffi. “She is herself, determined, positive, cheerful and very honest. Somehow I totally see her living there. She can really enrich Evert’s life.”

With Cora it could be envy, our BzV watcher thinks. “I do feel sorry for her, because I predict that she won’t be. And Nans can always run off with brother Koop, haha.”

The outspoken Frisian farmer Jouke may be ‘quite easily disturbed by people’, but so far he has had a very pleasant time with his three lodges Karlijn, Lotte and Marion, even when they are working in the stable early in the morning. But where are the fireworks?

Steffi: “Not much happens there indeed. But he has to choose next week and then I will bet on Lotte and our Brabant Karlijn for the time being. Lotte will stay anyway, she seems to be just a bit more than the others for a sparkle worry about him.”

Just about everything happened at farmer Rob in Gelderland. The initially flirtatious Wendy suddenly changed tack with a critical question about his ability to listen. Bam! It came in at the Gelderland fruit grower. She touched a nerve.

Whereupon ‘pleaser’ Rob grabbed his guitar for a musical performance. To tuck the three women in nicely when they go to bed. They got the three packers for free and for nothing.

Steffi thinks about this. “When he started singing, I went to the toilet, I really don’t like things like this. I think it only came to Sonja. But yes, you only need one of course. And that whole bed ritual? What shall I do? say about it. That’s why I like Roel and not Rob, let’s keep it that way. It will be interesting there.”

Of the three men of the Limburg sheep farmer Janine, Michiel plays the game the smartest so far by seizing his moments with her, but does that yield anything? The Frisian Sander is a bit out of the loop while Christiaan uses something completely different: his muscles.

Steffi: “I was quite distracted by it, haha, just like with Roel at the time. So it seems to me that Janine must have seen them too. Christiaan comes into the picture a little more and I think it’s okay with him. Michiel’s approach would because it could sometimes backfire, I think the Frisian will be sent home next week.”

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