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We’ve had plenty of tropical shots of the Cambridges over the past week. Because despite the political turmoil wherever they go, the Crown Prince couple keeps it… stiff upper lip standing and showing its most positive side during their journey through the Caribbean. Kate’s clothing also plays a role in this. We take a look inside her (undoubtedly overflowing) suitcase! Will you vote for the best tour outfit so far?

Color coordinated

It’s a good thing the Cambridges don’t have to carry their own luggage and get into a overhead have to cram. The duke and Duchess change outfits several times a day and look great every time. An important part of royal dressing are subtle nods to the local culture of your hosts, Wills and Kate know too. For example, we have seen Kate use colors from national flags in her outfits several times in recent days.

Another nice detail is that the dresses Kate wore on arrival in Belize and Jamaica respectively, are also the colors of the Commonwealth flag. Moreover, royalty expert Elizabeth Holmes has already speculated that the combination of blue and yellow also has a subtle node may be to the Ukrainian flag.

Regional touch

And of course, an outfit is more than just the color of your dress. Kate knows this too, who cleverly completes her outfits with meaningful details. She wore a glamorous dress in metallic glittering pink, but in her hand she carried a clutch with an embroidered Mayan motif. Appropriate: Because this event took place at Cahal Pech – an ancient Mayan ceremonial structure that includes temples and decadent living quarters.

In Jamaica we see Kate taking a similar approach. In addition to the exuberant vintage dress, the Duchess wears a bracelet from Jamaican jeweler Lashawndla Bailey-Miller. Also with her crisp white Alexander McQueen suit, Kate wears a set of subtle bracelets from Bailey-Miller. And everyone knows that whatever Kate wears sells out instantly. This is how the . uses Duchess her fame here is perfect here to put a local talent in the spotlights – because even outside Jamaica the whole world is watching Kate’s style.

plain opinion

Anyway: the Beau Monde-editors have been enjoying all the looks Kate managed to pull out of her seemingly endless suitcase all week. Stylish, summery, and all Kate: this is the Duchess in top form. Absolute favorite of the editors? The glamorous emerald green Jenny Packham gown which Kate wore to the evening reception with the Jamaican Governor General. We also appreciated her bright yellow dress on arrival in Jamaica – we don’t often see Kate in bright yellow (the Duchess often opts for a softer shade), but we hope she brings this color out of the closet more often!

And as for the lesser looks of the tour: the glittery pink prom dress from The Vampire’s Wife was beautiful of course. But besides hubby in William in business casual (no tie, unbuttoned and chinos), and the rest of the guests in cocktail looks, Kate was quite overdressed† Of course we always expect the royals to be the best-dressed people at an event, but Kate walked (very glamorous, that is) a step out of line as far as we’re concerned. Fortunately, there is enough to argue about taste. Therefore: let us know via the poll above which outfit you liked best.

Source: Beau Monde, Elizabeth Holmes @eholmes, What Kate Wore | Image: Brunopress

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