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In ‘Married at First Sight’, several couples take a leap of faith by getting married without ever having seen each other before. From the screen days and the ceremony to all the perils that follow: Carlo Boszhard (52) follows the special route closely. The participants themselves also contribute via Instagram.

Sander & Astrid

After being single for thirteen years after a 24-year marriage, Astrid thinks it’s time for a new man in her life. She therefore decides to sign up for Married at First Sight and, to her great surprise, in the first episode of the season is immediately ambushed by presenter Carlo Boszhard. Astrid thinks she is present at the recordings of a promo for the love program, but suddenly turns out to be the radiant center herself. Astrid is linked to Sander, who has also been married before and is looking for ‘a nice Dutch girl’ – with a ‘nice Dutch’ Instagram.

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Astleigh & Rowan

Astleigh says at the beginning of the experiment that he hopes to be matched with someone with whom he can grow old and start a family. Well, it looks like he found that person in Rowan. It remains to be seen whether the lovebirds are still together, but on Instagram they speak only full of praise for each other – although they do not follow each other…

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Joep & Caroline

Because of his participation in . Joep had The Bachelor with Gaby Blaaser already quite a few followers, and since his participation in Married at First Sight he also regularly posts about that adventure on his Instagram – where he recently admitted that things are not going well for him. Joep is married to Caroline, who would like to have that ‘together feeling’ with someone again.

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Sonny & Dylan

Dylan has been single for five years now and has it all together, but just like Sonny is looking for someone to enjoy it together. In any case, they enjoy each other. “It is not strange that I have a man, but especially that I have only known him since this afternoon and I already have such a click with him”, Dylan concludes during the wedding. “I’m not in love yet, but I’m attracted to him. I have positive vibes all over me and I feel really good.”

And not only Sonny and Dylan seem to have a click, the Disney enthusiast has also been spotted on social media with his ‘colleague’ Joep! It is striking that Sonny and Dylan no longer follow each other…

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Antoine & Kim

Kim has just returned to the Netherlands for a year after living in Tenerife for about ten years. Although she has enjoyed the island immensely, she has endured quite a few setbacks in the past year. Will a divorce be added soon? That remains to be seen… On Instagram, Kim Antoine, to whom she is linked by the expert, at least still calls her ‘prince on a white horse’. The groom – who has enough female friends, but has not yet found the right one – is positive about the marriage on social media, but is he speaking (read: writing) the truth?

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Jan & Birgitte

Jan and Birgitte are the last couple we meet in MAFS. They are so-called ‘restarters’, according to behavioral biologist Patrick van Veen. They both have children and their lives are in order. The only thing missing is a relationship. Whether Jan and Birgitte are a match remains to be seen. At least the bride did not leave the program empty-handed and has befriended Kim. They even celebrated carnival together, as can be seen on Instagram.

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The award for the shortest marriage in Married at First Sight goes to Arjan and Maurice this season. After Arjan got a short circuit, he decided not to go on a honeymoon with Maurice. Lonely days in sun-drenched Porto followed, of which Maurice shared several photos on his Instagram. The rest of his adventure, Maurice gets a second chance from the experts, can also be followed via the gram

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Married at First Sight can be seen every Tuesday at 8.30 pm on RTL 4 or look ahead at Videoland.

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