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morbius is the first movie since Spider Man: No Way Home will be released in the Marvel universe, and again under the banner of Sony Pictures. But the first reactions are not very positive.

it’s na Spider Man: No Way Home been a bit quiet regarding Marvel movies. We are now entering phase four under the production of Kevin Feige, but Sony continues to plow on with a new Spidey and now also morbius, a story about an (anti) superhero. He tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease and, by accident, becomes a vampire.

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However, the film is not well received by fans. During an initial screening, it was immediately said that the film has terrible CGI and a lazy story, with a tempo that is not right. It is said that actor Jared Leto and director Daniel Espinosa do not know what they want to convey.

Welcome back Michael Keaton

Despite the return of Michael Keaton as Vulture (who will also play Batman again in a new The Flash film) and stars such as Jared Harris, Adria Arjona, Tyrese Gibson and Matt Smith, it appears morbius so to be a snoring party. Very unfortunate if you know that this is not only a connection with the Spider-verse, but also the MCU. What the hell are those people in the marketing department doing?

Morbius trailer: Jared Leto introduces his Marvel vampire

Morbius Joker

Whether it’s Jared Leto himself, we’ll have to see for ourselves, but the fact remains that he shouldn’t be the first choice for superhero movies. His role as The Joker in Suicide Squad didn’t come out well either. Despite the fact that he method actor taunted his co-stars as The Joker.

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Source: Warner Bros. Source: Warner Bros.

Nevertheless, it’s intriguing how Sony’s Spidey verse can now merge with those from Disney and Marvel. After ‘The Deal’ all cards are on the table. For example, Stephen Strange (Dr. Strange) played an important role in Spider Man: No Way Home and had Tom Hardy (Venom) a cameo in the after credits).

Admittedly: the morbiuswithdrawals had another challenge called Covid. It was difficult to get a team together.

As for the overall approach, we do conclude that this enormous society simply has to make a decision. We know there is a Raven The Huntermovie is coming, that Professor X is coming back in dr. Strange: The Multiverse of Madness and that the X-Men can finally be used. Also will Moon Knight be a viewing point for fans. But it should be clear that Sony Pictures really doesn’t know what to do with their Spidey-verse, except for Spider-Man himself.

morbius is in cinemas from April 21.

The reactions of fans

An overview of the reactions of fans, who morbius could already see.

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