Podcast Tips | Never meet your heroes? Fuck it, Michèle Cuvelier thought

Michèle Cuvelier goes in search of Paul McCartney with one burning question for the Beatle. 9/12 and this is love score with unconventional stories.

The climate often takes such epic proportions in our minds that we sometimes prefer not to think about it. But what if someone tells you that a tiny, new microbe is part of the solution to global warming? That’s exactly what science journalist Pieter Van Dooren did this week in Bits & Atoms† Discover what the mixotrophic dinoflagellate can do for us.

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As you know by now, the podcast festival was postponed from December to April 1 and 2. That was a bit of a challenge for the organization, but the line-up was fully retained and expanded. For example, Studio Brussel presenter Michèle Cuvelier joined her new podcast Hey Paul to propose.

Would you like to be there yourself? We’re giving away 150 duo tickets for Saturday 2 April. And you get – I’m not making it up – an Ostend duo shrimp croquette on top. Yummy!

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One question burns on Michèle Cuvelier’s lips: ‘How do you let it be?’

Photo: Studio Brussel

1. The road to Macca is long

Never meet your heroes. They are not your friends and it is bound to turn out to be an embarrassing disappointment. It will all be worst for Michèle Cuvelier. The Studio Brussel presenter has been dreaming of meeting Paul McCartney since she was fourteen. If it ever comes to that, she has one ultimate question ready: how do you let it be? That’s what the self-proclaimed stress chicken wants to know from her favorite Beatle.

‘Just try it’, thought Studio Brussel chief Jan Van Biesen and he sent Cuvelier on a mission. The first minute hints that the 29-year-old Beatles fan has found him, but the road to Macca is long and strewn with obstacles. In five episodes, the radio maker not only comes face to face with McCartney, but also with herself.

I enjoyed listening to the first two episodes. Michèle Cuvelier may have the cleanest diction of the VRT, luckily she also has the natural to carry a podcast. She does not hesitate to have her psychologist or former English teacher show up, in addition to the usual suspects such as Stijn Van de Voorde and Vincent Byloo. That personal approach is crucial to put this podcast above a typical docu podcast like Classics Heroes to rise.

But will it also reach the Beatles’ super fans? I went to get a story from Alexander Lippeveld, DS Todaypresenter and super fan of the Fab Four. ‘I can be brief: Cuvelier’s choice of songs is excellent. You’ll hear right away that she’s one of us.’ According to him, the elegant editing certainly deserves praise. Where the previous Stubru podcasts often sounded like get-togethers between the us-knows-us, it feels Hey Paul as a very own creation, a strong podcast with the stamp of Studio Brussel.

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Podcast Tips |  Never meet your heroes?  Fuck it, Michèle Cuvelier thought

‘9/12’ is the goblin at the Ambies, the Oscars for podcasts.

Photo: Amazon/Pineapple Street

2. And the winner is…

The Ambies were distributed for the second time on Tuesday. These are the US industry awards that are posing as ‘the Oscars of podcasts’. Last year shot Dying for sex, with an irresistible mix of humor, sex and sadness, the main bird. This year the honor goes to 9/12, a seven-part series that explores the impact of 9/11 on American society in an original way. The podcast was already on almost every English-language year-end list, and yet it continued to gather dust on my to-listen list. High time to change that!

On top of the podcast of the year award, won 9/12 also an Ambie for best coverage and best original music.

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Pineapple Street, the production house behind9/12, crowned himself king on this edition of The Ambies. It also won accolades with70 over 70 (best interview), Stay away from Matthew Magilla (best documentary), and back issue (best entertainment). The full list of winners can be found here.

Curious about Belgian podcast prices? The Certificates will be awarded on Saturday 2 April at the DS Podcast Festival. You can find the nominees in the podcast app of De Standaard. We also just announced the five contenders for the audience award. You will of course also hear in the ceremony who received the most votes.

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Podcast Tips |  Never meet your heroes?  Fuck it, Michèle Cuvelier thought

Strong stories, told warmly and attractively.

Photo: Voxmedia

3. Love is…

Do you feel the spring fever? Then the tip of doctoral researcher Elisa from Leuven is an extremely suitable listening company. In this is loveAmerican Phoebe Judge has been looking for love for 43 episodes. ‘Not necessarily romantic love,’ Elisa clarifies, ‘but love in the broadest sense. It can be a love for art or for animals. And when it comes to love between people, it will be in an unconventional form.’ They are all strong stories, but you also listen to this podcast for the warm atmosphere. ‘They make you see the beauty of the everyday’, Elisa sums it up.

Two episodes stand out for her. In Something Large and Wild, a female swimmer encounters a lost whale calf. She decides to keep an eye out until the mother returns. ‘The town that stayed quiet’ tells about the connecting power of heritage. To preserve the sound of the unique Stradivarius violins, a northern Italian town must drop everything and keep utter silence.

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