Movie! Comedian Peter Pannekoek goes wild Allowance affair: ‘This is the state kidnapping of children!’

At Dit Was Het Nieuws, comedian Peter Pannekoek rightly went wild about the disgusting practices of the government regarding the Allowances affair. Because, he said, it is really just unprecedented that as many as 1,115 children have been (unjustly) taken away from their parents. and that they are still not back in their own family† “This is state kidnapping,” he said, 100 percent correct. And it’s a terrible shame.

It’s unbelievable, but the state has taken no fewer than 1,115 children from their parents in the Allowances affair, ostensibly because they had committed fraud and therefore got into deep financial trouble. We now know – and the cabinet has known for much longer – that in the vast majority of cases this is pure nonsense. They did nothing wrong, the parents were just mistreated by a criminal government.

But unbelievable enough those children are still not returned to their parents† Everyone knows that evictions are unjust – criminal even! – but there will be nothing done

Peter Pannekoek: this is kidnapping

Comedian Peter Pannekoek thinks that’s incredibly bad. That’s why he started about it at Dit Was Het Nieuws. The way he did that was great and can also count on online gratitude from parents who lost their child in this illegal and horrible way.

“A few weeks ago, the three of us were sitting opposite Rutte at Jinek,” Peter told his colleagues at Dit Was Het Nieuws. “And at one point we briefly talked about the Allowances affair and we asked, ‘What about the out-of-home children?’ And he rambled on about it. The next day I received a message from a woman, from a victim of the Benefits Affair, who I actually spoke to on the phone. And I think all the time, or we don’t realize how bad it is. Or we realize it somewhere but just don’t want to see it because it’s so bad.


“But we have 1,115 children in the Netherlands – at least! – who have been evicted due to the Allowances Affair,” he added. “There will be a few who may have always been in an unsafe situation. But the great majority because of those Surcharges! And see them for years their parents no more! I find that mind-blowing that if one child is kidnapped tomorrow, the country will be ablaze. Then we have an amber alert and forest searches. Now there are 1,115 children […] and for six months not a single child has returned.”

“I was just going to say, there’s a team on it and they’re working on it. Suppose there are 50 people at the Inspectorate on this case,” suggested Peter. “I don’t think much. But 50 people can still [wel] a child weekly get back? You have to do a few interviews. Well, I don’t think those parents are saying, ‘I don’t have time this week, let that kid sit for a while.’ What madness is this?”

“Actually, I’d just like to coin a word that conveys how bad this is,” he continued. †These are just state kidnappings† That’s what we’re talking about. Being kidnappings by the state.

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There is of course nothing to argue with† These are indeed one hundred percent state kidnappings† And it’s a miracle that no parent has gone crazy and taken the law into their own hands. Because if this happened to me I would go crazy.

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