Janice Blok candid about relationship breakup with Donny Roelvink

The relationship of Janice Blok and Donny Roelvink kept the juice channels busy. All ins and outs were widely reported on Instagram. In a candid conversation with Fawry Not Sawry Janice tells what this did to her relationship.

‘The girlfriend of’

She had been working for years as a singer and influencer, but when she got into a relationship with Donny Roelvink, Janice Blok was suddenly ‘the girlfriend of’. “When I completely love y dovey was in love with my ex-partner, I didn’t mind being ‘the girlfriend of’”, says Janice. “Now it’s irritating. Now I want to get rid of it,” she jokes in the podcast BUZZ from RUMAG TV.

juice channels

Because of her relationship with Donny, Janice also suddenly came on the radar of the so-called juice channels, which all ins and outs seemed to know about her relationship. “I do remember JuiceChannel posting that you guys weren’t doing well. Donny would have been grumpy on your birthday, during a visit to the zoo he wasn’t happy, people said he was depressed. How did you deal with that?” Fawry asks Janice.

“Talking”, says the Rotterdam beauty† “Talk a lot. What isn’t true doesn’t affect you. When that gossip went around, I was naturally called by the friends and family close to me. Then I just explained what the real situation was and it was just okay.”


Janice tells that she also talks a lot with Donny about the rumours has talked. “At home you have to keep talking about it, because you can’t ignore it. Even if you want to of course by unfollowing and blocking the accounts. But it always comes back to you, and then you have to keep communicating about it as well as possible,” said the influencer.

“They were right about some things and some things they weren’t,” Janice continues about the juice channels. So it wasn’t right that Donny had kicked her out of the house, that he had cheated with Yolanthe Cabau and they weren’t apart when that rumours went around on Instagram. Why did the two eventually break up? “Unfortunately, I can’t share that with you,” says the influencer. “I think it’s not even interesting anymore, people have already moved on with all kinds of juice stories. I don’t even find it interesting anymore. It’s a closed book, it’s over. It doesn’t add anything to my life, or to my social media, to my work, financially, privately: it’s just done. it’s gone

Memphis Depay

However, the end of her relationship with Donny was not the end of the gossip. The rumor mill was still running overtime about the love life from Janice. This is how the influencer would have started dating with FC Barcelona star Memphis Depay and would she even have flown to Barcelona to get her foliage to visit. What about her and Memphis? Janice is very clear about that. “I’ve never seen this guy in my entire f*cking seen life at all.”

Janice therefore thought it was bizarre that these rumors were circulating on Instagram. “How the f*ck do you get this information? Get your facts straight† I thought it was so bad. Do your job well and otherwise – roughly speaking – shut up, because it’s not right”, Janice doesn’t mince words. Didn’t she slide into Memphis’ DMs after all? “He looks good,” admits the influencer. “But I don’t know if that’s something I’d be looking for right now. (…) I don’t know if footballers are for me.” Although she closes a future romance with the footballer certainly not out: “I never say never. I didn’t mind the gossip very much. He’s a nice guy.”

Source: RUMAGTV | Image: BrunoPress

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