Fabrizio does a ‘Tony Junior’ in the Flemish Bachelor

Maudy Vink (26) is an entertainment editor and has a special preference for reality series. From ‘Love Island’ to ‘Too Hot To Handle’, she watches, devours and more importantly, she judges. Because not every show can call itself the ultimate guilty pleasure as far as she’s concerned.

“As a viewer, I regularly wonder whether I have accidentally clicked an episode of Temptation Island”

Not one, not two, not three, but four: the list of women who Fabrizio Tzinaridis has played in the Belgian version of The Bachelor kissed, gets longer and longer. Yet the 29-year-old Fabrizio, who in 2018 still participated as a seducer in Temptation Island, that he is ready for house-garden-child, as our southern neighbors call it so beautiful. But is he actually ready to give up his single life?

Personally, I have my doubts, although that doesn’t stop me from opening Videoland every Thursday. Every week I see the contrast with the Dutch version of The Bachelor, of which a new episode appears every Wednesday on the streaming service, are getting bigger. Because where ‘our’ bachelor Thomas van der Vlugt is simply rejected outright when he tries to steal a kiss during a romantic walk on the beach, Fabri immediately sticks his tongue in – go on. And where I normally like self-proclaimed reality expert often knows how the cards are shuffled after a few episodes, I am completely lost during this series.

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At first I was convinced that the Greek god would end up with Phaedra, whom he also kissed first. Although their date fell through (literally), Fabrizio managed to warm things up again with a passionate kiss. It couldn’t have been more romantic, could it? Only a few hours later it was the Dutch Sanne who got to taste his lips. “It wasn’t that it was on my agenda, but it happened,” Fabrizio said simply.

Well I can imagine that you want to investigate a few things, but not much later he did practically the same trick with Margaux and Madieke. As a viewer, I regularly wonder whether I have accidentally watched an episode of Temptation Island clicked. Since the regular sexologist of the ultimate relationship test, Goedele Liekens, also regularly makes her appearance. Her role is still completely unclear to me, except for guiding the participants who do not get a rose out of the villa.

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The counter now stands at four ladies that Fabrizio has kissed. And that is not only a bit too much for me, but the women in the villa are also done with it. Phaedra decided to take matters into her own hands during the rose ceremony in episode five and refused to take the rose from Fabrizio because – to say the least – she was not happy with some “hurtful” things the bachelor against. would have told her. For example, he thought it was starting to look like the ‘Great Phaedra Show’ by now, and his ego can’t handle that of course. And even outside the program, the ultimate reality star seems to be able to do little right. For example, the Greek recently had to answer for a ‘riot’ with participant Sharina. Fabrizio sent her home because according to him she was going too fast, something the lady in question came back to after the episode, because according to her nothing was right.

The same happened with Tony Junior last season. Although the dj episode after episode everyone (including me) managed to convince him that he wasn’t the bad boy we all thought he was, that image collapsed like a house of cards during the reunion episode. First it was ‘winner’ Julia who told in tears that Tony already wanted to take a break after a few weeks and then Maxime added some fuel to the fire by announcing that she and Tony had seen each other after the recordings, where there was more would have happened than just kissing. Afterwards, his sincerity was questioned on social media and that is exactly what is happening with Fabrizio. As a hopeless romantic I would personally find that very unfortunate, because I am ready for another success story like that of Marvin and Ferdi van Prince Charming.

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And so I hope somewhere that Fabrizio will prove otherwise and leave Greece with a nice, perhaps Dutch lady, by his side. That opportunity is still there, because in the very first episode, Fabrizio said the following: “At the beginning of the adventure I hoped that the right woman would be there. I am not afraid to make a choice, it will be the right one.”

And this cryptic statement is precisely the reason that I turn on the subtitles for about fifty minutes every week to follow the love affair of the Belgian. Although it is possible that I will be very disappointed at the end of the ride, because if there is one thing that the makers of The Bachelor Belgium It is good to twist and cut quotes – that’s what I’ve found by now. Should Fabrizio go home alone, I hope he has at least picked up a few words of ‘his language’. Because even my Greek is better after one Duolingo session…

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